DJ Kay Slay dies after months fighting COVID

Legendary hip-hop DJ Kay Slay has died four months after being hospitalized for COVID.

Hip-hop promoter Van Silk unveiled the news of the death of the DJ for HipHopDX, who confirmed the death of Kay Slay yesterday (April 17). He was 55 years old.

“Hip-hop has lost a real game,” Silk told the outlet. “My dear brother is gone. I’ve known him since he was 16. He was my little brother. I introduced him a lot and we did a lot of things together. It was the last time we talked in december as we were finishing the 200 deep rolling project.I was about to make his videos with MC Sha-Rock.

“From the mixtapes to helping launch Straight Stuntin’s magazine and the entire What The Science project, the world has not only lost a truly dedicated person to Hip Hop culture, but a source who has shut down Hip Hop. I’m going so far.) Miss my little brother. “

In January, DJ Kay Slay’s brother reported on the status of the New York artist and record executive, who was hospitalized with the virus.

Speaking to HipHopDX, Kwame Grayson then said that his brother is “definitely not going to die” and is currently in a “state of recovery.”

He added that there had been reports that the DJ – whose real name was Keith Grayson – had been placed on a false ventilator, explaining: “It was a machine to help him breathe, but it was not an inhaler. I know where they get it. ” that knowledge.

“He was on a machine to help him breathe because he couldn’t. A few days ago, he was in a position where everyone thought he wasn’t going to survive.”

Following the news of Slay ‘s death, homage has begun pouring in on social media. Below you can see a selection.


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