DJ Annie Mac explains to the delegates that there is a “tidal wave” of cases of sexual abuse in the music industry.

Former BBC Radio 1 DJ Annie Macmanus has claimed that a “tidal wave” of sexual abuse cases across the music industry is yet to come to light.

Speaking before a House of Commons committee, the broadcaster described the music business as a “men’s club” that was “sort of rigged against women,” and claimed that not enough women have yet stood up from their stories for fear of their careers. .

“There has to be some kind of change so that women feel they can speak up without risking their careers, [pero] I don’t know how it can happen,” said the DJ when speaking to the Women and Equality Committee (via BBC News).

“I feel that there are many publications that have not come to light … It is infuriated how many women have stories about sexual assault that have just been buried and carried. It is unbelievable.”

He said: “So I think if something happened, like one person speaking out enough to attract media attention, I think there could be some sort of tidal wave.

Speaking to MPs, Macmanus – whose stage name is Annie Mac – confirmed that, although she has not personally experienced or witnessed any sexual misconduct, she believes her 19 years working with the BBC ” a protective shield” for her. to talk about these issues.

“There are commonalities in everything I heard,” he says, recalling how he spoke to multiple agents, managers, producers, photographers, artists and other DJs about their experiences.

“It’s just that women, especially young women in the music industry, are systematically underestimated and undermined, and self-employed women are systematically put in unsafe situations.”

And he says: “The music industry is a boys’ club. Everyone knows each other in high places. Everyone at the top has money. They also have power. The system is rigged against women.”

On the other hand, the former star of the X Factor, Rebecca Ferguson, shared her testimony with those who were responsible for the investigation of disorder in the world of music.

In this case, he explained that the misogynistic attitude was only “the tip of the iceberg of what happens behind the scenes,” and that senior officials “constantly allow harassment and corruption.”

“A lot of times you’re put in compromising situations and people abuse their level of power,” he explained.

“But besides that, what worries me the most are the rapes that go unreported. That’s what worries me the most: that women feel they can’t report it.”

“A woman approached me and said, ‘I’ve been wanting to do this all my life. [denunciar]. If I speak out against him, who is so powerful, I will never work in this industry again.”

Earlier this year, former X Factor contestant Lucy Spraggan revealed she left the ITV soap after being sexually assaulted.

Aged 20 at the time, the singer recalled being raped by a hotel doorman while competing on the talent show in 2012, and detailed the attack in her memoir Process: Finding My Way.

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