Dionne Warwick wants to talk to “young” Elon Musk about what he’s done with Twitter/X

Dionne Warwick Elon Musk is “young” after the changes he has made Twitter (now called X).

The American singer shared his thoughts on the ever-changing social media platform in a new interview Peopleand shared his concerns with the sweeping stream of changes being implemented by the new owner.

Now, it seems that not only is she not enthusiastic about the restructuring of the app since the CEO of Tesla came to take ownership of the platform, but she wants to meet him directly to ask him about his logic behind of the changes.

“I haven’t spoken to that young man yet and I intend to because I’m not sure what he’s doing or if he knows what he’s doing,” she told the outlet when she was asked to share her thoughts on Musk. “So, until that happens, I will reserve my answer to that question.”

Decisions to change the application included the Remove verification seal on accounts, which are now only issued to those willing to pay for a subscription, and a review of platform rebranding – changing the name and logo from “Twitter” to “X”.

Plans for one of the most troubling changes were revealed last month, however, when the business mogul announced it was removing the “block” feature from X.

While there are no specific reports on when the change will go live, Musk announced that the feature was “to be removed, except for DMs” – leaving users to use the mute button in their instead.

As reported Deadline, the billionaire businessman said it’s not “sense” to have “dumb” and “block”, but Community Notes on X noted that the block function is a basic security feature that allows basic protection for victims of abuse . and harassment.” The note added that removing the ability to block other users would “destroy the safety of many people on social media.”

This is not the first time that Warwick Musk has been criticized for his extensive changes to X. Last December, the musician warned the users of the platform about the consequences of getting him on Twitter, especially regarding his approach to to give users “freedom of speech”. .

“I know a lot of people have moved away from Twitter. That’s before he knows exactly what he’s going to do. He’s new to the game,” the artist told People at the time.

“His attitude is free speech, which is fine with me. However, there is a way to do it. That is one of the conversations I will have with him. What is his real intention? I understand his attitude on free speech.sentence, but how is he going to keep it so it doesn’t get out of hand?

In April, many more Famous faces shared their opinion on the platform to buy for approximately 44,000 million dollars (34,500 million euros).

“It would be great if Musk bought Twitter and shut it down … Lol,” wrote Ice T, although Geoff Barrow was more critical, adding: “Hey Elon, you’re a jerk. What about that free speech?”.

Also, last week, While attending the Valorant Champions tournament in Los Angeles, Musk was booed and he received chants from the public that told him to “get back on Twitter”.

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