Destiny Guide 2: Disciples Vow Challenge Schedule

Released with this expansion, the Disciple’s raid of the Guardians opposes Rhulk, the Disciple of the Witness. In each raid encounter, players can complete Challenges to earn extra raid loot. There is only one active challenge at a time, and the contact involved in the active challenge rotates each week.

In this guide, we’ll go over where each of the Vow of the Disciplines challenges occur, why you should do them, and how you can do them.

Why the challenge?

Do the challenge on the method Legend gives you extra loot and five conquest raids. I Teacher, that extra loot is a competent weapon Different colored version of the normal weapon that allows special modifications.

Unlike the Vault of Glass Master mode, Adept weapons are not attached to specific contacts, but are random drops. They work on a system of destruction, so the first six times you complete the challenge, you get all six different weapons.

after picking up the six armsAdeptGenericName drops in the future completely random.

In addition to the rewards, you will need to complete all Challenges (on Master) to unlock the Disciple-Assassin raid title.

Desktop Challenge Rotation Schedule


Week of: Challenge Name of meeting
Week of: Challenge Name of meeting
4/19/22 quick destruction Destiny
4/26/22 Basic knowledge Carer
5/3/22 Low protections Interpretation
5/10/22 loop catalyst Domain
5/17/22 quick destruction Destiny
5/24/22 Basic knowledge Carer
5/31/22 Low protections Interpretation
6/7/22 loop catalyst Domain
6/14/22 quick destruction Destiny
6/21/22 Basic knowledge Carer
6/28/22 Low protections Interpretation
7/5/22 loop catalyst Domain
7/12/22 quick destruction Destiny
7/19/22 Basic knowledge Carer
7/26/22 Low protections Interpretation
8/2/22 loop catalyst Domain
8/9/22 quick destruction Destiny
8/16/22 Basic knowledge Carer
8/23/22 Low protections Interpretation
8/30/22 loop catalyst Domain

The schedule above shows who the people are and what the challenge will be in a particular week in the coming months. The challenge is the same for the normal mode and the master mode of the raid in any given week.


If you need help with any of the challenges, you can come on our instructions for each of they link below.

  • First Entry – Acquisition: Quick Destruction Challenge
  • Second Contact – Caretaker: Basic Challenge
  • The Third Coming – Exhibition: The Defense Challenge
  • Fourth Coming – Mastery: Loop Catalyst Challenge


Il n'y a pas de honte à être faible, la honte est de le rester.

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