Demon Lord 2099 Anime Reveals Visual Teaser, Main Casts

The Demon Lord 2099 anime has revealed a new visual teaser and trailer for it, as well as details on the main cast. JC Staff is animating the series, as announced at the Aniplex Online Fest 2023 event. The main cast includes Satoshi Hino as the demon lord Veltol and Miku Ito as Machina.

The anime project’s official website describes the plot as:
Year 2099 of the unified calendar – Shinjuku city.
The legendary demon king Veltol reigned in this futuristic city of ultimate development.
The glorious prosperity of the giant city-state and the terrifying darkness hidden behind it
To rule the new world, the Demon King moves into the future!

Demon Lord 2099 Anime – Visual Teaser

TheDemon Lord 2099The light novel was written by Daigo Murasaki and illustrated by Kureta. It has been serialized by Fujimi Shobo under the Fujimi Fantasia Bunkoimprint since January 2021. A manga adaptation by Kiiro Akashiro has begun serialization at Kadokawa Shoten’sShonen Ace Plusin November 2021 and is currently ongoing.

Yen Presshas licensed the novel in English, describing the first volume as:
​The cyberpunk metropolis of Shinjuku — a vast city-state adorned with neon signs, towering skyscrapers and the latest cutting-edge technology. It was here, in the year 2099 of the Fusion Age, that the legendary demon lord Veltol had his second coming in five centuries. But this landscape is nothing like the one he conquered all those years ago, for the fusion of magic and engineering has elevated civilization to dazzling, unprecedented heights. Veltol may have been relegated to a historical footnote, but make no mistake… this brave new world will be his for the taking!

source:Official site
©︎Daigo Murasaki, Kureta/KADOKAWA/Maou 2099 Production Committee

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