David Byrne on Talking Heads’ current relationship: “Divorces are never easy”

David Byrne has opened up about his relationship with his bandmates Talking Heads as they prepare to reunite for an upcoming Q&A.

The band will re-release their landmark Stop Making Sense concert to mark the 40th anniversary of their first release, which will see Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz reunite in public for the first time in over twenty years year.

Byrne recently explained that he regrets the way Talking Heads broke up, and admitted that at the time there were “very few”.

Now, he spoke to the New York Times and detailed his feelings at the moment.

“Divorces are never easy,” he began. “We get along well. It’s all very friendly and whatever. It’s not that we’re best friends. But everyone is very happy that this film is being released again.”

“We’re all united in that we love what we’ve done here. That helps us talk together and get along.”

Harrison also recently said that the Stop Making Sense reissue acted as a kind of “healing experience” for the band.

“It’s like, ‘Yeah, we can really work together and do this.’ And it’s something we’re all proud of,” he said.

“You can still search for the conflicts that people have spent a lot of time talking about. It’s not that the emotions that made people say different things have completely disappeared or anything, but it’s as if they have already been pointed out, do we need to point out things like that again and again? I mean, I’ve already said it.

The relationship between the band members has been complicated since they broke up in 1991. In 1999 they reunited to promote the film’s 15th anniversary re-release and, in 2002, they reunited to sing four songs at the entrance ceremony. Roll Hall of Fame, his only live performance since 1984.

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