Date a Live IV reveals a trailer for the hero of the Zodiac Spirit, Mukuro Hoshimiya

Live meeting IV released a trailer for the zodiac character, Mukuro Hoshimiya. She will be the 10th ghost to appear in the series and will make her debut in the next episode (episode 4) of the fourth season. The episode will be broadcast on April 29, 2022.

Live Meeting IV: Mukuro trailer

Mukuro is a long-haired girl with golden eyes who has been carrying space for a long time. Although her broad breasts do not fit her young appearance, she is of that spirit that is full of mysteries and no one even knows how she ended up in space. However, Mukuro is a very capable spirit, as she can eradicate the forces of DEM without any difficulty. The angel he rules is Michael.

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Live meeting IV is the fourth season of Live meeting series. June Nakagawa (High school fleet) directed the anime in the GEEKTOYS studio (Date of the bullet). AIC + Studio animated the first season in 2013. Season 2 was animated by Production IMS in 2014, and JC Staff is working on the third season in 2019. Keitaro Motanaga (School days) directs everything.

Live meeting it was originally a light series by Koshi Tachibana with illustrations by Tsunako. Fujimi Shobo began publishing it in 2011 and ended it in 2020. Yen Press licenses a series of light novels in English:

April 10. First day of school. Shido Itsuka is rudely awakened by his personal alarm clock – his little sister. It looks like another typical day, no matter how typical of a planet hit by massive earthquakes. However, Shido does not know that his life is about to take a sudden turn when he encounters the source of this destructive phenomenon – a girl his age, apparently known as the Spirit. It turns out that there are only two ways he can stop her from letting hell into the world: eliminate her by force or calm her down … by taking her out on a date and making her fall in love with him!

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