Danny Elfman on losing his shirt and putting on a wild show at Coachella




		Danny Elfman on losing his shirt and putting on a wild show at Coachella:

Danny Elfman saw his career flash before his eyes during his Saturday night performance at Coachella, in more ways than one. Yes, the set list had a more 40 – year career look, from the classic Oingo Boingo wave to songs from “Edward Scissorhands” and “Batman”; from his recent album back to orchestral rock to a highly viral concert on his “Simpsons” theme. But other than that, Elfman also says that he lost almost every mood he had on stage during that performance moment, for fear that the technical aspects might not go as planned to euphoria down the stretch at the end the show.

Elfman’s appearance would have been one of the most talked about Coachella even if it had not been enthusiastically received as a fast – moving tour de force by millions of untold people watching the live stream at home, as well as thousands of attendees. . he spoke to him Monday about how he felt quitting the adrenaline rush, with a repeat performance scheduled for Coachella weekend 2 in five days.

We talked about this possibility last year, when it was a long time since you first came up with the idea to plan this performance at Coachella in 2019 and then came close to doing it before the festival was canceled in 2020. How can Do you feel about now that the first of two performances is about your belt?

I was relieved that I came in one piece. He was joking with a friend before the show: “Look, we have 30 minutes to stage a show that has never been done before with 50 musicians. What could be wrong?” And then I sit there before I start thinking, “Fuck, man. There were a hundred things that could go wrong. But in the end, the only thing that I was not planning on was a dust storm, a real sandstorm ., against me.Everything else went very well.

I read a lot of tweets and things that made people upset, scared and scared, like “what’s going on?”, And in the end that was what I wanted. I did not expect such a response, and some crazy headlines, like the one on Yahoo, said “Elfman, 68, and Eilish, 20, Make Festival History,” and I thought it was funny that Billie and myself. the prodigy baby and the old man from Coachella. Things like that are valuable, in their own weird way.

It was incredible and feeling intense and crazy. Starting out, I knew it was going to be a very risky endeavor. I don’t think anyone has tried it before, mixing these elements into this kind of musical mix. When you try to think conceptually, you never know what will happen. But in the end, it’s also very exciting not to have a safety net. What it feels like is when you are on a rope and the number is below and you know there is a very high chance that you will fall into black. That, of course, is incredibly exciting in itself.

Your set list is kind of a dream set list for anyone who is a fan of everything you do: from the new album [2021’s “Big Mess”] up to the “Simpsons” theme, through the “Spider-Man” theme and [el éxito seminal de Oingo Boingo] “Only a Lad.” “Did it always seem like you should pack all those styles into an hour – long show?

Let me put it like this. Yesterday, my day off, I felt very relieved and also quite catatonic. Believe me, I had a lot of mental doubts and worries about it: Am I putting all this effort into the craziest, most ridiculous idea ever, or will it work on some weird level? And I was going to have to find out. You didn’t have to take it out on the road and try it out. I was just putting myself out there and saying, “Look, I know this is crazy, but it’s me, for better or worse, it’s me, this crazy mix of things. ” That was all spinning in my head as I walked out into the street. It was not, “Oh yes, this is to blow your mind,” it was more like, “Can they hang me for this? Is it a felony, or just musical misconduct, if it fails. ? “

You said this was “my first time on stage as ‘myself’ in 27 years.” You’ve been performing a lot since you effectively rock ‘n’ roll, but on Saturday night you did some things you didn’t give a chance at orchestral shows that show your life score or even “Nightmare Before” shows. Christmas “.

For anyone I saw in the late ’80s or’ 90s, that’s exactly how they saw me. The only difference is that I was barefoot on stage in the 90s, and at Coachella they made me wear a pair of shoes because, with all the action going on, they did not know if nails would be on the stage or splinters. But other than the shoes, I just wanted to go out just as if you saw me 30 or 40 years ago, and here I am now. And don’t feel ashamed about it. It’s like, “Yes, I’m an old man. Fuck it – here I am.”

so that [quitarse la camiseta] it was a little spontaneous. On the sixth or seventh song, I remember saying, “Fuck this. If anyone saw me in 1990, this is what they would have seen,” and I just did. It was just a matter of putting myself out there. That was the last layer, I think, of defense, armor, and I decided to give that up too. [Fue una especie de renuncia a la última pizca de protección que tenía entre yo y mi pasado y lo que soy y lo que era. Y no fue algo que pensara de antemano.

Es curioso, porque había una conversación en línea que no veíamos en las discusiones en línea en los años 80 y principios de los 90, en parte porque entonces no había discusiones en línea. Pero la gente decía cosas como: “¿Hemos hablado de lo bueno que está Danny Elfman?”

¿De verdad?

Y pensé, OK, aquí hay una conversación que no esperaba estar presenciando en 2022, por probablemente unas cuantas razones, pero ahí estamos. Así que estás recibiendo un montón de cumplidos.

Todo ese trabajo duro tiene su recompensa, supongo. Sabes, he intentado toda mi vida mantenerme en forma, ¡y supongo que ahora me alegro de haberlo hecho! Porque pensé que esto iba a ser algo así como: “Dios mío, quise vomitar cuando le vi quitarse la camiseta. Se veía horrible”. Sabes, tiendo a pensar en mí mismo de esa manera. Así que escuchar lo que dices es una sorpresa para mí.

Cuando hablamos el año pasado, dijiste que realmente no echabas de menos actuar en directo, que nunca fuiste una de las personas que vivían para eso, y que tenías demasiadas preocupaciones sobre los espectáculos como para perderte de la manera que algunos músicos describen. Así que la gente podría preguntarse legítimamente en el transcurso de una actuación rara como ésta si te estás divirtiendo.

Creo que en el momento en que me quité la camiseta, fue cuando dije: “A la mierda, esta noche me estoy divirtiendo. No me importa, y sólo voy a disfrutar de esto”. Y así, ese tipo de punto de inflexión en la actuación para mí. En realidad fue más que un gesto. También fue tirar la toalla y decir, “OK, aquí está. No me importa. Voy a disfrutar de este público. Voy a disfrutar de la música. Voy a disfrutar de la banda. Que se jodan las dificultades técnicas”. Eso es todo lo que puedo decir. ¡Y lo hice! Quiero decir, realmente me divertí allí arriba. No sabía cómo se lo tomaba la gente en el mundo, pero me divertí. Y me siento aliviada y contenta de haber sido capaz de encontrar ese lugar y no obsesionarme en las cosas que… Ya sabes, está ese lado perfeccionista de un artista que es como, si no escucho estas cosas (en la mezcla), me desequilibra totalmente. Y me sentí muy orgulloso de mí mismo al final de la velada por haber sido capaz de superar eso y disfrutar a pesar de la parte que me resultaba difícil: la minusvalía.

What happens that confuses you at first?

The most unexpected thing was that the wind blew into my microphone and I created a rumble on stage, which upset my mix. But at some point, if you have a very difficult time on stage with what you are hearing, but you are confident that outsiders do not have the same problem. And I think now that it has happened, they did not, and I am very relieved. So if it happens again next weekend, I will be ready. It was a factual, surreal and interesting experience. When I came out, it seems, of all the things that I had hoped could technically go wrong, I did not expect a huge wind blowing past me and into my microphone. I’m explaining something in the worst possible words because it was like an intense combination of excitement and adrenaline and a bit of panic about the technical ability to hear what I need to hear and then finally “to hell” .

Also, keep in mind that people from all over the world are streaming the show and your live audience is a small fraction of those who watch it.

And that will be much better on Saturday night, too. Because I found out today that they wanted to make their own mix from scratch in the 50 – player sound truck, do you know what I mean? And not so much of the band was associated with that musical feed. I assumed they were getting the same signal that we were giving the house, but they were not, so next week they will be, and it will be even better because you will hear the guitars … it’s a bit of a shock to me, but there are many moving parts to this kind of thing. And finally, the feedback loop, the feedback I received, still, even with the biased and so incomplete mix, I still get great feedback that surprises and inspires me. So now it’s like, okay, doing better.

This weekend you can go with more thinking about how people get it, now that you have read the comments.

I had no idea what was going on in the audience. On stage, I could only see the beginning, and the only thing I hoped for was that they did not hear what I was hearing on stage, which was a huge bass rumble that would stop. I had no idea how he communicated. From the limited vision of people up close, I saw a lot of eyes open, and that was interesting. If you see someone with their mouth open, you think, “Are they surprised and like this, or are they surprised and hate it?” But I knew I was amazed by people, and many of me enjoyed it.

People will be wondering if there will be a touring version of this. Putting out a 50-piece string section was a big challenge, but the larger version of the strings you made on last year’s album is not enough to handle the soundtrack content. Do you have plans or has your way of thinking about something changed?

I really have no plans other than to do the shows and then talk about it and see where it is. It’s all been a topic: We’m going to go out to Coachella and then we’ll see. Of course, I could not have made things harder for myself than to do a show like this. If I was touring (only) with “Big Mess”, it would be much easier, as I could do it with a much smaller string section and singers. But I think we’ll see.

You know, after all this, I do not regret at all the crazy idea that I called Paul Tollette with. [presidente/director general de Goldenvoice] in 2019. I have no regrets. It was just a crazy idea at the time, and Saturday night came true, and I’m glad I did, that I stayed with it. It was intense and very interesting and wonderful. And it was a strange experience for a lifetime in an hour.

Coachella Elfman set list:

Sorry (from “Big Mess” _

Insects (Oingo Boingo song)

Main title “Spider-Man”.

Nothing to Fear (But Self Fear) (Oingo Boingo)

Just Another Day (Oingo Boingo)

John’s Nostalgia / This’s Halloween / What’s This? medley (from “The Nightmare Before Christmas”)

Breakfast Machine (from “Pee-wee’s Big Adventure”)

Kick Me (“Big Mess”)

Insanity (Oingo Boingo)

The “Batman” theme

True (“Great Prey”)

“The Simpsons” is the main theme of the title

Ach Girseach (Oingo Boingo)

Love in COVID weather (“Big Mess”)

The Grand Finale (from “Edward Scissorhands”)

Dead Men’s Party (Oingo Boingo)

Alice Theme (from “Alice in Wonderland”)

Happy (“Big Mess”)

Who Do You Want To Be (Oingo Boingo)


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