Cryptocurrencies came to the otaku world in the form of idols

The excitement for cryptocurrencies has come to earth otaku. The page Tokyo Otaku Mode thinking of getting one Bonn Otaku enter this world, and vice versa the Japanese singer Gackt helping someone else launch cryptocurrency call SPINDLE revealing his real name in the process, Gakuto oshiro his name is. All this excitement caught the attention of the managers of the Cinderella Academy and so it was created Kasōtsūka Shōjo (Virtual Currency Girls).

These masking sections are for the initial motion of the coin (ICO) is a hope other than the risks of “fraud” and “collapse” associated with virtual currencies. Each member of the group promotes a different virtual currency, he is the leader BitCoin Cash (Rare Nanase). The other members are the Bitcoin (BTC) original, Ethereum (ETH), Neo (NEO), monkey (MONKEY), Cardano (ADA), NEM (XEM) Y. Ripple (XRP). Age of the idols They are between 15 and 22 but two of their members have not disclosed their age.

Rare Nanase writes on the official website of the group that the mission is not to promote speculation on currencies, it is to report on some cryptocurrencies handpicked by entertainment. Fans can purchase tickets for their first concert with cryptocurrencies. Their first concert will be on January 12 in Tokyo.

Fountain: ANN


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