Crunchyroll lowers its prices in eight Latin American countries

The platform Crunchyroll it was announced that the price of membership in the service is “Crunchyroll Premium” decreased in nearly 100 international territories, including eight Latin American territories. The statement highlights the changes in the United Kingdom, India, Brazil and the United Arab Emirates, where they appear to have benefited from “price regionalization”, suggesting they stopped charging in US dollars and that they started charging in the currency that was in circulation. every country.

In the case of Latin America, the countries where the subscription price has decreased are included Belize, Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, The Savior, Guatemala Y Peru. However, it is not mentioned how much the new subscription prices have decreased in all its detailed rules, that is, the plans WAIT, mega fans Y MEGA FAN – ANNUAL. The release also includes some frequently asked questions and answers, including:

  • Why has the subscription price changed in my country? We have reduced our subscription prices in more than 100 countries to offer an even better service.
  • Will the price reduction affect my subscription features or access to content? Will not be. This price reduction will not affect your subscription. You will continue to enjoy the same benefits and the same catalog as before.
  • Does this imply that there will be less content? Will not be. The same content will continue to be available to you as before. In addition, we are increasing the number of dubbed and subtitled series, and even dubbing in more languages ​​than ever before.
  • Will I have to watch ads? As a Premium user, you will continue to enjoy a commercial-free experience.
  • When will the price change take effect? The price change will take effect with your next billing cycle.

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