Criticism rained on cosplayer Tatsumaki

A few days ago, the popular cosplayer “Yuki (@ywuukii)” he shared a photo in collaboration with the cosplayer “Rows (@rowsvee)” dressed as Tatsumaki and fubukirespectively, of franchises one punch man. The two changed their characters to appear dressed as rabbits, but The photo attracted attention on social networks for another feature.

It should be noted that “Yuki“It’s a woman he stands only 4 feet 11 inches (about 1.50 meters) tallso it’s absolutely perfect for cosplaying Tatsumaki (which, maybe you didn’t know, but he is 28 years old in the original work). But, Its height was controversial for the typical section of Twitter users, who showed their ignorance by asserting that this photo was “child pornography”.

Yes, believe it or not, these people think the one in the photo is a girl! It seems that the plaintiffs forgot about the existence of short women, but you couldn’t ask for much of this type of person. Let’s review some of the most notable comments:

  • «I can’t believe so many people on the internet believe that a short woman equals a minor. This is incredible!».
  • «The smallest is 4 feet 11 inches, and the largest 5 feet 10 inches. Meanwhile, I’m 6 feet 5 inches. So if idiots think this photo has “pedophilic tendencies”, I’m worried what they’ll think of me if I start dating a girl that tall.».
  • «Twitter idiots discovered that there were short women».
  • «The funniest thing is that the first reaction of idiots who think it’s child pornography is to share this on their walls.».
  • «Another day, another drama on Twitter».
  • «They can spew all the hate they want, but at the end of the day there is no real problem here. They are both adults and can do whatever they want. You are the ones who thought it was a girl when you saw it, so you are the pedophiles».
  • «People who call this pedophilia have serious problems. I used to guess that when I was his age, and I got those comments too. Short women have the right to be adults too!».
  • «It’s unbelievable that some people call you a pedophile just because they like this photo».
  • «The number of people who legitimately believe this is child pornography, when two grown women are cosplaying, is concerning. There are short women. Do these idiots believe that you have to reach a certain height and breast size to be considered a grown woman? Shame on me».
  • «Well, now you understand why many women hate super models. They not only set a “standard fat level” but also a “standard height”».
  • «What the fuck, you like pedophilia too much. It looks like her “sister” must be between 14 and 16 years old. Do you think that is normal? For comments and money. In short, this world is going crazy».
  • «This kind of shit is why I’m getting further and further away from social media».
  • «It’s like someone dressed his little girl like a fox, where are the authorities when you need them? This is vomit, I swear to God».
  • «There is no way she is a grown woman».
  • «I learned today that there are no short adults and if you are below average height you are considered a girl. Damn stupid fucking people».
  • «I could have sworn it was a girl and I was already activating the girls cosplays and having a problem, until I opened the profile and saw that it’s just a giant woman and a dwarf.».
  • «This is literally child pornography, why isn’t anyone reporting this?».

Of course, the cosplayer responded to the criticism simply by saying, “Sorry for being short, I didn’t realize that only girls can be short. My fault guys, I’ll grow taller right away». Don’t worry, it didn’t bother her at all and she even laughs at her critics. However, this does not settle anything, after all, these people keep thinking that grown women can’t be short, and that’s a concern.

Fountain: @ywuukii on Twitter


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