Criticism continues towards Pan Piano’s sensory miniatures

the portal of Japan Yutura shared an article noting that the popular pianist YouTuber “Piano bread”, apparently, on the wane. According to the newsroom, “Pan Piano” managed to insert erotic thumbnails into his videos, making them the most popular. However, only these videos get a lot of views, and the rest of their content is ignored.

«The YouTube video thumbnails of popular YouTuber “Pan Piano,” who has over 3.53 million subscribers to date, are now a topic of interest. “Pan Piano” is a pianist YouTuber originally from Taiwan who not only plays the piano in her videos, but also cosplays as one of the female characters from the drama the song is from. Many of her cosplay outfits are of the erotic type, so she exposes a lot of skin during her performance.».

«However, critics have come forward pointing out that the thumbnails of his videos have become “radical”. In the video “ゆこぴ 強風オールバック Kyoufuu All Back [ピアノ]” published on June 10, “Pan Piano” appears completely naked and sitting in front of the camera, with her crotch hidden behind a school bag. In case you’re wondering, this is a reference to the song’s original music video, where a girl is seen playing the flute in a school uniform.».

«As expected, this video was a huge success, adding more than a million views in two days, but comments began to appear on social networks criticizing the “Pan Piano” decision. promote themselves in this way. There is a lot of criticism of this fact and the possibility of closing the channel “Pan Piano” due to multiple reports have become quite popular on social networks, especially Twitter.».

«Perhaps it doesn’t need to be explained, but it is clear that “Pan Piano” is only fully exposed in the thumbnail, but not in the video. But, what motivates “Pan Piano” to resort to this type of tagging? Last month, he capitalized on the popularity of “Oshi no Ko” and posted a video of his performance of the popular opening theme song “Idol.” This video also featured a completely nude “dangerous munchkin” as part of Ai Hoshino’s costume, and the video has over 4.4 million views. The feedback from the audience has been overwhelmingly positive, and although it is shown changing at the beginning of the video, it is not specifically shown to be in the video thumbnail.».

«Is there any reason for “Pan Piano” to resort to this? Thanks to YouTube’s external tools, it is possible to analyze the number of replicas that the “Pan Piano” videos have accumulated during each month. We can understand that his greatest success began at the beginning of 2020, but so far his reproduction number is dropping terribly.».

«In fact, it should be noted that even at its best (early 2020) “Pan Piano” benefited from this type of “clickbait thumbnails”. So you are betting on this technique because you know your numbers are going down significantly. Sure, the videos with the funny thumbnails rack up millions of views in no time, but most of her other videos barely make it past the 200,000 mark. How long can you use this technique before your audience gets bored?».

Fountain: Yutura


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