Cozy Grove DLC references to BTS are as smooth as butter (flies)

Some BTS references are a bit hidden in the new downloadable content for the laid back lifestyle game. The game is packed with creatures captured and donated to the island’s wildlife expert, Captain Billweather Snout, and the DLC brings butterflies into the mix, some referring to the K-pop superstars group, signaling the massive BTS cultural trail.

Developed by Spry Fox and published by The Quantum Astrophysicists Guild, it puts players on a magical island where they are spirit explorers tasked with guiding ghost bears as they recall their history. A steady stream of free updates has added to the core idea with more content, including the addition of acceptable creatures in June 2021.

Released on April 26, New Neighbor is the game’s first paid DLC and adds four new ghost bears and a new creature type, butterflies. There are 10 butterflies in total, five of which are screaming the cultural behemoth that is BTS: “Representative Lovable”, “Army Recruiter”, “Bengal Wool”, “Im Freak”, and “Flitter Fan”. Each of these butterflies is described as “Some parasocial relationship are bulletproof,” which names the unbroken connection between BTS and its “ARMY” fans.

Some butterfly names are distinctive: The “ARMY recruiter” butterfly refers to the loud and proud BTS fandom known as ARMY. The “Fan of butter” butterfly refers to the English K-pop group number one “Im” recently released in May 2021. And the “wool bang” butterfly refers to the abbreviated name BTS Bangtan Sonyeondan, translated as “bulletproof boy scouts” .

“Someone in my family is an ARMY child and the fandom made them very happy,” Spry Fox chief creative officer Daniel Cook said in an email to Polygon.

The presence of BTS in the culture of video games is nothing new. From time to time, the diversity web series starring the group entitled video games deals with video games, including episodes in which they played professional players. In the first season of the series, which follows BTS during a tour in a realistic style web show, one of the rooms is filled with gaming computers, and the band members are seen playing during downtime.

There have also been many collaborations with brands. In 2020, Epic Games released skins, dances and content packs on the BTS theme. Later, BTS entered a “global collaboration” for another battle royale game, and each member of the band designed an individual skin (Jin’s pink wing naughty suit was by far the best, IMO). The skins were released at last month’s event.

Everything that BTS is involved with these days is gold because of its dedicated fans, and the creatures of BTS are a healthy example of their widespread influence.


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