Couple raise £50,000 to buy rights to ‘Last Christmas’ so they never have to listen to it again

Christmas songs are often shared, but one couple hates the Wham! from “Last December” 1984, which has raised £50,000 to buy the licensing rights to destroy it.

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Speaking to South West News Service (through Daily Mail), Hannah Mazetti said her disdain for the song began when she was 20 (she’s now 33), when she worked in a cafeteria in Oxford and her boss played it ad nauseam .

“The owner of the coffee shop had planned a very nice holiday and had his own CD with some hits,” he explains. “He only came in sometimes, so I didn’t fully understand the craziness the rest of the team felt when ‘Last Christmas’ came on for the 111th time in a working day.”

Mazetti explained that she and her husband, Tomas, got the idea to buy the rights to the song after a friend told them that such a feat was (theoretically) possible. On the basis of his effort, he said: “It started last Christmas – they were in no mood – when we asked some friends how much they would be willing to pay not to hear the song again. and when the song began to sing in November we remember.

“Then someone told us that it was possible, in theory, to buy the rights to the song and remove it from all streaming platforms. We asked our friends and spread the word. It’s funny, because we love people think or hate. Maybe next Christmas will be the end.”

To date, the Mazettis’ campaign has raised just over £51,500 from around 330 supporters. Unfortunately for them, they still have a few million pounds left to raise: Warner Chappell Music UK owns the rights to “Last Christmas” and, according to the Council. Daily Mailtheir price is estimated to be between 15 and 20 million pounds.

Both have set their target at the lower end of that estimate. If they succeed, Mazetti explains, they will send the master tapes to a nuclear dump in Finland “where they will rest for at least two million years.”

Insisting that she and her husband are not making any accusations against Wham!, Mazetti said: “I’m sorry, but that’s the way it has to be. We don’t hate Wham!, but we hate with us this song. They play it 5,000 times a day, but we felt that something had to be done to support people who are suffering like us.”

Mazetti also noted that some people responded to the couple’s campaign with their own disdain. “50% get angry and the other 50% are very happy,” he said. “It seems that some people love to listen to the song 500 times a day. And those people are our enemies.

“They said there are worse songs that should be taken down before this one – like ‘All I Want For Christmas [Is You]’ by Mariah Carey – and if we don’t like it we can put on headphones, and it’s weird to want to take something beautiful away from the rest of humanity just because we don’t like it.”

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