Cosplayers are harassed at a major event in Japan

Article from the Japanese media. Exciting News address a controversy that arose around the Comic Market (Comiket). Over the last weekend, this event attracted more than 260,000 attendees in two days, but unfortunately, the enthusiasm was overshadowed by a scary topic: the voyeuristic behavior of some photographers on cosplay sites. The Excite News report gives us an in-depth look at this controversial incident on social media and highlights the need to maintain a respectful and safe environment at this iconic event.

«Comic Market (Comiket) 102 was held last weekend, attracting around 260,000 people over the two days. Although everyone enjoyed the event in an orderly manner, voyeuristic photographers were denounced on social media, which immediately caused controversy. One of the highlights of Comiket is the cosplay arenas. A total of three spaces were prepared to take pictures of the cosplayers, and the whole place was packed from 1:00 p.m.».

«Unfortunately, some voyeuristic photographers ignored the “photographic rules” presented by the Comiket organizing committee, and broke them several times on both days. On August 12, when a reporter was continuing his coverage of Comiket, he saw a middle-aged man who continued to behave suspiciously. The subject had a digital compact camera in hand, a garment to cover both ears, and a cap».

«At the same time, a cosplayer in a rabbit costume and throwing fish nets walked in front of him, and the subject walked closely behind her. Looking to the side, he could see that the camera was at the height of his navel and the monitor showed that it was in video recording mode. In short, the subject was recording the girl’s buttocks in a bunny suit, which was completely forbidden by the Comiket organizing committee».

«The rules for photography at Comiket state that it is forbidden to film without the permission of the target person, to film in such a way that others cannot see that it is being filmed, or to take any kind of voyeuristic photography. When the reporter asked the cosplayer if she had given permission to this man, she said no. The reporter hurried to point it out and the man started running in the opposite direction, quickly turning away from his camera. When the reporter took his hand and held him back, the subject apologized profusely and said he would delete all the videos, apologizing to everyone present.».

«Then, the cosplayer joined the conversation and said: “We’re about to go into the locker room, so I don’t have time to deal with this. I will forgive you this time, so please delete all the videos and I promise it won’t happen again.“, and then asked the reporter to release the man».

«The reporter says he saw these behaviors three times during the same day, including unauthorized video recording from the waiting line and even very close to the cosplayers. He took the attention of the cosplayers and asked them to be aware of these situations, but it turns out that these situations are not uncommon».

«Internet users on social networks expressed their anger at the presence of voyeurs at Comiket, saying that taking photos and recordings of this kind is a crime, and that the number of criminals who appear at this event every year is surprising. Although staff and police are present on the premises, these cases often go unnoticed and the subjects become agitated.».

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