Corey Taylor suggests that Stone Sour will not be reuniting anytime soon

Corey Taylor has hinted that the future of Stone Sour is still uncertain.

The band has been on hiatus since 2020, with Taylor saying that the project has “kind of run its course for now.”

In a new interview, Taylor spoke about the “obstacles” some people face that get in the way of Stone Sour making new music.

“Not that I miss some of the Stone Sour guys, I’m still talking to them,” he told Rock Antenne. “But for now, I refuse to risk my vision and my art to some people’s disadvantages. And that’s all I’ll say.”

Stone Sour’s last album, ‘Hydrograd’, came out in 2017.

Taylor also discussed the making of his upcoming second solo album, ‘CMF2’, due out on September 15, and praised his backing band, consisting of guitarists Christian Martucci and Zach Throne, drummer Dustin Robert and bassist Eliot Lorango.

“My solo band is made up of guys like that. Of course, I have Tooch. Zach Throne is great. Dustin, our drummer, is great. And now I have Eliot, the new bassist, who can play anything you at him.” , it’s ridiculous. It’s criminal how good it is.

“When you have a big problem like that, the recording is easier, because when you do the demos for them, that’s pretty much me playing the song and saying, ‘OK, I’m hearing things here,’ I give them carte blanche. whatever they want to do, but at the same time I have a clear vision.

“And that’s where the hard work comes in. All of a sudden, you don’t have a gang that you can integrate with or that you can delegate or command. It’s up to you.”

On the other hand, Taylor has also said that he thinks he has “maybe five years” left of the physical tour with Slipknot.

“Now, if the quality starts to fail, then I know it’s time to call it quits. And I already thought about it: there could be another five years of physical trips like this left. I try to care to myself. I exercise when I can.”

And he says to him: “Travelling here [a Europa] it’s exhausting, the food is terrible, so it’s hard to do it. But as long as I can keep doing it, that’s at least what I want to do. So, yes, it is what it is.”

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