Corey Taylor announces the release of ‘Look Outside Your Window’, Slipknot’s “lost” album

Corey Taylor has teased the release of Slipknot’s lost album ‘Look Outside Your Window’.

It was recorded by frontman Sid Wilson, Jim Root and Shawn “Clown” Crahan at the same time the group was working on “All Hope Is Gone.” 2008 “super-experimental and lively” themes did not come forward. So far, only one track from the sessions has been released: “Til We Die”, a bonus track from “All Hope Is Gone”.

The band have talked about the release of the missing album many times since then. Speaking to NME in 2020, Clown revealed that the band were on the verge of releasing it during Christmas 2019, but ultimately decided against it because they didn’t want it to interfere with their sixth studio album, “We Are Not Your Kind”.

In January, Crahan said it might finally see the light of day this year, but so far it hasn’t come to fruition.

Now, in a new interview with NME, Taylor has given another update, saying it’s his fault the record hasn’t been released yet.

When asked about the record, he replied, “It’s funny you mention it. I was talking to Clown about it the other day and he said, ‘One of the reasons it’s not out is because you keep put out things that don’t match. up! the date I want to post it! And I was like, “Fuck man, why didn’t you tell me?” And he was like, “Fuck Taylor, you got too much shit! “Looks like it’s a release date she can finally fix it and I promised her I won’t release anything to ruin it I think it’ll be next year finally man!

Taylor continued: “I’ve listened to all that stuff again and it’s so good and so different. People who go into this thinking it’s ‘Slipknot’ are really mistaken. It’s not like anything ever made by Slipknot, That’s why it’s something of its own. For me, it’s really the long lost album. The music is so beautiful, probably some of my favorite tunes him, and people will fall in love with him. Clown has done a good job.”

Meanwhile, Taylor recently spoke about how people in Slipknot’s home state of Iowa have reacted to the band over the years.

Separately, Taylor announced an upcoming UK and European tour for his second solo album “CMFT2”.

The tour kicks off on November 8 with a concert at the O2 Academy in Leeds, followed by another in Wolverhampton the following day. From there, Taylor will stop in cities including Manchester, Glasgow and London. You can buy tickets here.

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