Conflict arises between Virtual YouTubers over having very similar designs

In April of this year, a new independent Virtual YouTuber named Japan was introduced Kokoha Ruryi, with an angel design by the artist Koiko Irori (恋 小 い ろ り) and with the following description: «Little princess of heaven. Nice to meet you all… My name is Kokoha Ruryi! I've been in heaven for a long time, and there are many things I do not understand, but I would be happy if you succeeded».

However, the joy of becoming a Virtual YouTuber did not last even a year, as its YouTube channel is currently empty after its avatar design received a copyright claim. The Virtual YouTuber on December 24 explained this: «I apologize for my poor writing and any misunderstandings. This is not YouTube's decision, it's the person using a character with the same artist who requested that their videos be removed for copyright infringement. I talked to the artist about this, but he does not want to deal with it because he says it is my fault for choosing this character».

Ruryi was quoting a previous post in which he stated that the video had been removed, where he wrote: «The same artist was in charge of the design in the video, and he said there was no copyright problem, and that was good because he's a different character, and i believed it so far, but now the video has been taken down due to copyright infringement. I'm so sad I can't do anything about it …»

But the case was not limited to one video, the person / entity that requested the removal of the first video ended up with a copyright claim reporting all their videos uploaded so far, and YouTube granted all requests. «By noticing the copyright infringement, the other party removed everything as the copyright holder. After all, I no longer trust this character to be free of copyright issues. The illustrator said he had copyrights for this character, but I'm not sure if he really does.».

This is how the person, in this case another Virtual YouTuber, who made the copyright claims was found. In this case it is the channel Macoto ASMR ま こ と, a popular YouTube account that uses a similarly efficient character and is dedicated to uploading ASMR recordings, in general. «Hair color, eye color, feathers, l * li suit, all that I usually use in my designs. The star, the crown, the magic staff and the light blue color of the image, as well as the illustrations. The age of the characters is the same … I contacted them to ask if I could change the diagram, but they did not answer me!».

A conflict arises between Virtual YouTuber over having very similar designs

He said: “We consulted with the illustrator and asked the other party to tell us what the design looked like from his office. The illustrator allowed me to reveal his email and information, but the other person refused to disclose it and this response, which has been ignored to this day, is very upsetting.»And he pointed out that the artist had warned the other girl that her design was very similar:«The artist told me that the client specified the motif in advance and chose the colors and design, and warned the other party about me and my designs in the process of work! Due to the nature of the contract, the artist could not disclose the correspondence to us by email without the consent of the other client, so we were waiting for his response … I did not want to talk too much about the dark stuff, so I'll leave the content here».

The discussion on Twitter between the two Virtual YouTubers continues to blame each other, but, What happens then to the artist in charge? He posted only the following updates: «As an artist, I feel partly responsible for the situation that caused this, and I feel deeply sorry too“Y”I have already commissioned a lawyer to handle this matter and he told me best to wait and see as my illustrations or other information products are not yet certain at the heart of this litigation».

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