Comiket could be criticized for running in the middle of the new variant of COVID-19

Japanese portal Yahoo! Japan News published an article describing the current situation “Omicron Variables”Of COVID-19 in Japan. This information was shared in comment forums in parallel with the opening of the second round of entry sales for the next convention. Comic Market (Comiket) 99, which will take place on December 30 and 31 this year in Tokyo. The report writes:

«The number of people in close contact with people infected with Omicron strain, a variant of the new coronavirus, is rapidly increasing. In Tokyo, 1,044 people have been identified as “suspected of infection” and have been staying in accommodation or at home since 20 December. In an online meeting with Governor Yuriko Koike on December 21, directors of Tokyo public health centers reported that they were busy dealing with the case, including PCR testing of people suspected of being infected. One by one, people returning from abroad have been infected with Omicron strain, and the passengers on the plane have been identified as “suspected of infection”. According to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, the number of suspected infections rose from 270 on December 14 to 1,044 on December 20. Approximately 400 people have been or will be placed in accommodation facilities, while the remainder remain at home or changing».

As mentioned, in parallel with this announcement, the convention planning committee Comic Market (Comiket) 99 posted an update on Twitter announcing the opening of the second round of tickets for the event facilities, one of the largest manga and anime conventions in the world. «The secondary sale of general tickets and general cosplay tickets for all ticket types will begin today at 6:00 pm on a first come first served basis. Please note that there are different entries for male and female defenders so be sure to request the correct one (even if you request the wrong one, you will not be able to change it)“I wrote the brief statement, but did not point out any downside to the increase in Omicron's COVID-19 cases.

An Comic Market Committee announced in August to Comiket 99 it would be a face – to – face event. The event will be held on December 30 and 31 at the Tokyo Big Sight in its East, West and South pavilions. In a previous statement It has been indicated that COVID-19 will require a vaccination test or a negative PCR test in order to gain access to the facilities., which would reduce the possibility of provoking positive cases about the incident.

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