Colleen Ballinger performs a Beyoncé song with her face painted black in a resurfaced video

A video of Colleen Ballinger – the YouTube star best known for her alter ego Miranda Sings – wearing black face paint to a Beyoncé song has surfaced online.

Ballinger was accused last month in a Huffington Post UK investigation of sending sexually explicit messages to young fans, which she denied last week through a song in a video posted on her YouTube account Colleen Vlogs.

Now, the musician, actor and comedian is back in the news for what could be considered a good use of blackface. In the video, she is seen performing “Single Ladies” with dark face paint, along with two female dancers who are not wearing face paint.

The video shared on her YouTube channel Miranda Sings in February 2018 is not listed, but is still visible. Some media, such as Entertainment Weekly, reported that he was coming again.

It comes after Ballinger was recently accused of racially insensitive behavior on the set of her 2016 Netflix series Haters Back Off. April Korto Quioh, a former cast member on the series, wrote about her experience in the writers’ room, where she says she witnessed Ballinger’s racial insensitivity firsthand.

I remember once hearing her brag that a creator was ‘cancelled’ for saying the word (and if you think she used the word instead of the e-word, you’re not paying attention) . that it would never be stupid to be caught doing something like that,” Quioh wrote on her blog.

Ballinger has yet to respond to Quioh’s claims.

The American comedian has been a YouTube creator since 2008 and first came to prominence as Miranda Sings, a children’s character who wears dysfunctional red lipstick and performs bad covers of popular songs.

In Ballinger’s defense video on YouTube, she said: “There are people who say things about me that are not true. Although my team strongly advised me not to say what I have to say, I found that I never said it. that I can’t sing about the things I want to say.”

She said, “I used to send a message to my fans, but not in a horrible way like many of you were trying to suggest. I was very much at a loss. I just wanted to be my best friend. everyone’s favorite.”

Although he admitted that there were “times when I shared more than necessary,” he said that “I changed my behavior and took responsibility.”

NME has contacted Ballinger’s representatives for comment about the grooming allegations.

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