Code Geass Director Announces Estab-Life New Animated Project

Where “Fuji TV 2022 ‘+ Ultra’ Lineup Presentation”Unveiled a publicity video for the director’s original anime goro taniguchi (Geass Code: Hangyaku or Lelouch, Planets, Back Arrow), Position-Life. The video shows that the project will feature anime for television, a video game for smartphones and an animated feature film, which will have the following themes “leaks“,“records“Y”variations“, Respectively.

The TV anime will first appear next April on the anime + Ultra programming block. fuji tv and its subsidiaries, and Crunchyroll distributed handling in the West. Square Enix developing the video game for smartphones Origins of Life: Unionist Memories. Taniguchi is also credited for the original concept and creative oversight of the game, and SSF is also credited with the original story. Finally, Taniguchi personally directs and writes Eiga Estab-Life: The Road of Revengers (Estab – The Life of the Movie: The Road of Revengers), as well as devising the original concept. SSF handles the original story and Polygon Pictures which produces the animation.

Production team

  • goro taniguchi Anime’s original concept and creative stewardship are beneficial The Original Life: A Great Escape, even though SSF the original story is believed.
  • Hiroyuki Hashimoto (Gochuumon wa Usagi Desu ka ?, Tús Mall) who is in charge of directing the anime at the studios Polygon Pictures.
  • shōji gatoh (Full Metal Panic !, Hyyou-ka, Cop Craft) is in charge of writing and supervising the scripts.
  • Yusuke Kozaki (No More Warriors 2: Desperate Struggle, Fire Emblem Awakening, Bubuki Buranki) which handles the original designs of the characters.
  • Yoshiaki Fujisawa (No Game, No Zero Life, A Place Beyond the Universe, Starlight Revue) responsible for the composition of the soundtrack.

Stab-Life: A Summary of the Great Escape

The situation is set in the distant future where the world’s population has begun to shrink after reaching its maximum level. The high – walled “Supernatural Restoration Project” divides Tokyo into several Cluster neighborhoods, each with its own unique genetically modified population, controlled by artificial intelligence. Most people live their lives in their own unique Clusters, happily ignorant of the afterlife. However, there are some who try to escape to the other clusters. A team helps those who want to escape.

Fountain: Funny Natalie

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