Classroom of the Elite Season 2 Preview Trailer and Episode 7 Images

Elite classroom season 2released a preview trailer and images for episode 7 along with the title and synopsis. The seventh episode is scheduled to air on August 15, and the title is a quote from French mathematician Jules Henri Poincaré’sLa Science et l’Hypothèse (Science and Hypothesis)“: “Douter de tout ou tout croire sont deux solutions également commodes, qui l’une et l’autre nous dispensent de réfléchir.” which translates to “To doubt everything or to believe everything are two equally convenient decisions; both dispense with the need for reflection.

The newly released preview images for the seventh episode show characters including Class-D’s homeroom teacher Sae Chabashira, protagonist Kiyotaka Ayanokoji, Suzune Horikita, Kikyo Kushida, Kei Karuizawa, and Maya Sato.

Starting with this episode, the anime is animating the light novel Year 1 Volume 5. The synopsis describes the next episode as follows:
After the student council president handover ceremony is over, Ayanokoji suddenly gets a call from Sato. Under these circumstances, the results of the mid-term examination are announced and Class-D achieves that the class has no suspended students. However, Chabashira says that what really matters will be a special exam called “Paper Shuffle” that is held as an end-of-semester exam.

Light novel author Shogo Kinugasa writes the scripts for the weekly anime preview trailers, and this week’s video features the student council president’s predecessor along with the current president. “At last it is my turn, the monarch of the next generation,Miyabi Nagumi begins. “Don’t forget to take pride in being student council president and leading the student council.” Former student council president Manabu Horikita hopes for his successor, and the second-year student responds with a positive answer. Nagumo suddenly changes the subject by offering him a gamble on the results of Ayanokoji’s experience with a romantic confession from his classmate Sato in the next episode: whether he accepts it or not.

The newly appointed president tries to declare what he’s betting on, but Horikita interrupts to state that he’s betting on his refusal. “Wait, it’s me…” Nagumo tries to object, but the third year student takes a firm stand on the bet and tells Nagumo to choose the other, that Ayanokoji will accept the confession. However, Nagumo is still trying to go against the flow, and Horikita says, “Have you made an impossible gamble offer?” Good enough to convince Nagumo to take over the game. Manabu Horikita calls out the title of the episode and ends the video by giving advice: “Sometimes it’s important for you to try to achieve victory in an aggressive way, Nagumo. Keep this firmly in mind.

Elite classroom season 2 Episode 7 preview trailer

Shogo Kinugasa writesClassroom of the elitea series of light novels with art by Shunsaku Tomose. The novel currently consists of two parts, Year 1 and Year 2.Elite classroom season 2covers year 1. Studio Lerche animates.

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© Shogo Kinugasa, KADOKAWA / Classroom of Elite 2 Production Committee

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