Classical musical characters help you focus on work

We all know Japan there is little obsession with personalizing everything like handsome young men. So this time they give us another unexpected idea about that. Sugiya, video game and manga creator is about to launch an application this December in which you will reshape classical music like handsome young men.

This request will be called Ave Classic ~ Danshi Classic ni yoru Sagyō Shūchū Timer ~, meaning Ave Classic: Work concentration timer with classic young men. This will be available for devices Android Y. ios, plus it will be free. The goal is to help users become more productive and stop being so dependent on the mobile phone.

Users will set a time period in which they should focus on work. As you do your work they will play classical music songs that correspond to the character. When the time is up, they will let you know. If you manage not to pick up your mobile phone during that time period, you will be able to unlock more characters. There are more than 45 episodes of different characters.


The story of this application takes place in a world where music has been lost due to the death of the god Muse. The world is attacked by desire and what was supposed to be nice to people now. The Director has the power of the Director who can control the music. To change all this chaos, the director summons the characters representing classical music.

What did you think of this news? Would you use it? Leave me your opinion in the comments.

Fountain: ANN.


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