Christopher Narrates Shadows House Season 2 Episode 11 Review

Episode 11 of House of shadows season 2is almost here and its preview narrated by Christopher (Kensho Ohno) is here. The episode will air on Friday, September 16. Last week we got to see the outcome of Maryrose’s plan and how Kate dealt with it with the help of her friends.

Shadows House Season 2 – Episode 11

The plot of the upcoming episode is described as(spoilers ahead):
Maryrose and Rosemary are captured by Kate and her friends and handed over to the STar Bearer. As Maryrose exchanges words with Barbara, the story begins to flow into hidden memories of the past with regrets for broken promises.

Latest episodes ofHouse of Shadowsare available atCrispy roll, as the service streams the anime on a weekly basis. This season is animated by the studio CloverWorks, which also worked on the first season, and the theme songs include:

  • OP: “Are we going to dance?” by ReoNa
  • ED: “Masquerade” by ClariS

House of Shadowsthe anime is based on a manga by Somato. It began publication in Sheuisha’s Weekly Shonen Jump in 2018.Yen Presslicenses the manga and describes the plot as:
The House of Shadows – a strange uninvited mansion inhabited by a race of faceless shadows who pretend to be aristocrats and are waited on hand and foot by “living dolls” who also serve as the faces of their masters. What goes on inside this enigmatic mansion is anyone’s guess, but soot and screams rise from within…

source:Official Twitter,Official site
©Somato/Shueisha/Shadow House Production Committee

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