China messes with waifus again and censors them

In the past few days, Japan has seen a growing trend that has fueled controversy in the world of video games. Blue Archivea popular game that recently debuted in China, it is subject to heavy content restrictions due to the country’s strict regulations. This censorship greatly affected the beautiful girls in the video game, which generated intense debate among fans.

In the version released in China, many of Blue Archive’s female leads underwent major changes. The censorship focuses on the clothes of the girls with visible features, especially the cleavage area, which has been edited to completely cover any hints of sensuality. This action created dissatisfaction among fans, who expressed their frustration at the change to the original character designs.

  • On the left the original designs, on the right the designs for China.

Although fans are still exploring the censored version for more changes, it should be noted that this is not the first time that similar situations have occurred in the video game market. Developer companies are making smart moves to deal with these restrictions, creating censored versions specifically for Chinese audiences, while the rest of the world can enjoy the gaming experience without censorship.

This strategy allows players from other countries to enjoy the game in its original form and appreciate the character designs as intended. However, some fear that this censored version for China will become an international standard in the future, due to the huge size of the Chinese market and its influence on the video game industry.

The debate over censorship at Blue Archive has generated mixed opinions. While some argue that the restrictions are necessary to meet the cultural and social regulations of each country, others defend creative freedom and express their dissatisfaction with the modification of original designs.

As the video game market continues to expand, it is inevitable that companies must face the challenge of adapting to different regulations and cultural expectations. The case of the Blue Archive serves as a reminder of the complexity and sensitivity of these situations, and raises questions about the balance between artistic creativity and the norms of each society.

For now, Blue Archive fans hope that the developers will keep their focus on offering China-specific censored versions, while the rest of the world can enjoy the original gaming experience. However, only time will tell how this story develops and whether the censored version for China could become the international standard, affecting the way games are designed and presented in the future.

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