Children’s writer Oliver Sykes spent hours responding to more than 1,000 emails sent to the Bring Me The Horizon frontman.

A children’s book author has recalled his experience of answering more than 1,000 emails intended for Oli Sykes, the leader of Bring Me The Horizon.

Writer Oliver Sykes has penned a first-person piece for Metro describing a period in his life when he felt compelled to respond to fans who mistakenly thought he was the band’s lead singer.

Oliver explained that he was studying drama at Lancaster University in 2008 when Bring Me The Horizon’s second studio album, “Suicide Season”, was released. Oliver wasn’t aware of the band’s new album at first because he loved country music.

“But within a week of going on sale, that changed. My inbox began to flood with messages, mainly from teenage girls, desperately trying to get in touch with Oli Sykes. I think there were 30 -40 people telling me how much they liked me.’ and ‘my album’.”

When fans spoke to Oliver about his mental health, he took it upon himself to inform them that they had contacted the wrong Sykes and express his condolences: “I was a student and I didn’t qualify for no way to help you or do nothing about it. it, but I couldn’t leave them unread, not when they were shooting so much of themselves,” said Oliver.

Oliver first answered every email (“I remember when I had 500 I thought I should get some kind of commission”), before realizing he was spending more time answering emails than doing theater studies.

The author failed to contact the band’s record label and Oli directly, and the emails continued. By the time Bring Me The Horizon released their third album, “There Is a Hell Believe Me I’ve Seen It. There is a Heaven, Let’s Keep It a Secret,” two years later, things had faded because, in Oliver’s opinion, the fans were “a little older and a little wiser”.

Despite the hours spent responding to BMTH fans, the love for the group’s music was not mentioned: “I listened to their first records and it sounded to me like someone braking a bike that needed oil from him. It was an assault on my ears. I don’t think I could sit through an entire album without getting a headache,” she wrote.

Meanwhile, in other Bring Me The Horizon news, the band will join Fall Out Boy on their North American tour this summer. Alkaline Trio, Royal & The Serpent and other groups will also support the pop-punkers. Check out the full list of tour dates and buy tickets here.

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