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Check out the new trailer for “Escape the Field”

In a trailer released today, Lionsgate’s new action thriller,, gives us some serious comments – I mean, if it happened in a cornfield and a star park Shane West ( ). hand in hand of the director Emerson Moore, the film revolves around a group of strangers waking up in the middle of a cornfield – you guessed it. The mystery becomes even greater when they discover that each of them has found a random item, forcing them to work as a team. Along with West, the cast includes Jordan Claire Robbins ( ), Theo Rossi (), Elena Juacto, Tahirah Sharif () Y julian feder. The feature film is set to open on demand and in select theaters on May 6.

The game trailer shows a hair raising as it begins with a group of strangers waking up in a dark cornfield. Each one gets an item including a gun, a flashlight, matches, a knife and a compass. Feelings are all very high and all of our key people are making their way to the middle of the high stems, and West’s character in particular is worried. Working together to find some answers amidst all the chaos, it is soon revealed that the trapped group has no water and, although the corn is all around them, it is all rotten, which which leaves them with nothing to eat. Things become very strange when a man in a costume – who appears to have been in camp for some time – tells them that they will never escape before being swallowed into the darkness by an invisible force.

Hoping to unravel the mystery of his unfortunate circumstances, Robbins’ character opens his way of thinking and theorizes that his items may have the key to getting out alive. With twists and turns at each turn, the gang tries to unleash the secrets of their capture before it’s too late. As the trailer progresses, the audience becomes accustomed to the idea that all of the group’s suffering is in the hands of a secret society, although we can certainly see that there are some moles hidden among them.

While the plot is a bit tasty, with an exaggerated storyline and seemingly predictable characters, the story seems to scare some viewers and strangers in search of their freedom.

Check out the full trailer below and see if you can guess what will happen when it hits demand and in some theaters on May 6:


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