Chayanne’s dakimakura lights up social media

Twitter user”Ana Lucia (@analuciakiwi)” recently became a trend after sharing an update showing that a visit to the Arenales Shopping Centerin Peru, came across a dakimakura (hugging pillow) inspired by the Puerto Rican singer Chayenne. Upon further investigation, it revealed that the product is sold in the store Hashin!! of the aforementioned commercial complex, although no clues about the price can be found when checking social networks.

However, we can find more photos of the interior of the place, where another dakimakura case of the singer is shown, although there is another printed representation of the artist. In addition, on the right you can even see the “mythical” stuffed toy of the “Rei Chiquita”, a popular stuffed toy chibi version of Rei Ayanami of the franchise Neon Genesis Evangelionalthough it is probably an imitation.

And why is Chayanne relevant in the anime industry? According to analysis on average Clinicthere is a theory thatBullfighter Chayanne fits in every anime openinge” because the composition fits the 90 second length of any opening theme. That is, parts like the “introduction” (10 seconds), the “introduction” (5-10 seconds), the “rhyme” (20 seconds), the “prior crime” (10 seconds), and the “chorus” (the rest of the time), fits perfectly with the opening structure of an anime, like the following example from Kimetsu no Yaiba.

font: @analuciakiwi on Twitter


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