Chain Saw Man isn’t doing too bad with its Blu-ray/DVD

the portal of Japan mojito shared article noting that the anime adaptation of Chain Saw Man does it perform poorly for bookings of physical packages (Blu-ray and DVD) within the important virtual market Amazon Japan. In fact, it indicates that even other layers are good Bocchi the Rock!, Futoku no Guild Y The Eminence in Shadow They have better numbers.

«The anime adaptation of “Chainsaw Man,” based on the popular Weekly Shonen Jump manga, is gaining popularity around the world. Of course, the anime adaptation is slated to be an unprecedented success, but there seems to be some uncertainty about that. The current concern is sales of “physical packages”, such as Blu-ray and DVD».

«Pre-orders for physical packages of “Chainsaw Man” have already begun on Amazon’s sales website, but their position in the sales ranking was not very good. On December 16, the first Blu-ray volume was ranked 184th in the “Anime (Blu-ray)” category. In the ranking “Anime (DVD)”, it is in 216th place. Although the release date is a little further away, January 26, 2023, it still seems too low considering the value of the name “Chain Man”.».

«In fact, some of the anime series that aired in the same time period ranked even higher. On the same date, “Bocchi the Rock!” it placed fifth in the “Anime (Blu-ray)” category and sixth in the “Anime (DVD)” category.Futoku no Guild (Immoral Guild)“, which insists on the ecchi element, is also in the top ten. Other works such as “Arknights: Prelude to Dawn” and “The Eminence in Shadow”. They also surpassed “Chainsaw Man” at times».

«It is said that “Bocchi the Rock!” it is the best “new series” of the season. but the anime “Chainsaw Man” is also overwhelmed by the original works that come from light novels. No one would expect these classified sites, because even the first two physical packages of “Chainsaw Man” have a priority pass to purchase tickets for a special event.».

«Comments emerged on social networks such as: “Seriously, if physical Chainsaw packs don’t sell, MAPPA is in trouble.“; Y”It is unbelievable that an anime in which a studio has invested millions cannot achieve dominance in popularity ratings overseas, nor dominance in physical sales.».

«First of all, “Chain Saw Man” is a work on which MAPPA risked its business fortune. To spread the risk, the series is usually produced under the “production committee” system, where several companies invest in the project. MAPPA is financing the entire production of “Chain Man”. The use of the budget, with Kenshi Yonezu on the opening song and a different artist with each closing track, also shows the company’s “full commitment” to the project. We don’t want to do any harm to MAPPA, so we hope that “Chain Chain Man” can pull through in the coming weeks in terms of bookings.».

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