Bunshun: ‘Sayaka Kanda’s boyfriend would be involved in running’

On December 18, Japanese actor, voice actor and singer Sayaka kanda He died at the age of 35 after falling from his hotel building in Sapporo City, Hokkaido Prefecture. She was the daughter of the actress Masaki kanda and the singer Seiko Matsuda, and his death shocked the media and fans inside and outside Japan, especially given the strange circumstances that still surround him.

The Japanese average »Bunshun WeeklyHe revealed details behind the cause of his death that his sentimental partner was involved with in life, the Japanese actor Takahisa maeyama. In an article published on January 5, the site revealed an audio recording in which it is reported that Kanda had an argument with her boyfriend on the same day of her death, and told her “die at the same timeOn several occasions, that was apparently the last straw.

In the article that is currently trending in Japan, you can read a conversation between Sayaka kanda Y. Takahisa maeyama, where he used phrases like “four times”go to Hell, how annoying you are“,”Go to Hell“,”I mean, go to Hell“Y”Wouldn't it be great if you died immediately? Everyone would be happy“. Both seemed to be in a state of great emotional instability, but the conditions were more difficult for one of them to bear.

The portal also states that confirmation of the facts was requested from the agency to which the actor belongs prior to the publication of the article in question. Takahisa maeyama, but to date of publication they have received no response. It is worth mentioning that Maeyama announced the suspension of its momentous activities following the publication of the article Weekly Bunshun., ensuring that “suffering from poor physical and mental condition since the end of last year“. The statement suggests he was receiving therapy to maintain his emotional stability, and as a result he withdrew from the play.”Piaf (ピ ア フ)“, Where their participation was intended.

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