Bruce Lee is getting his own anime series

This month marks the 50th anniversary of classical martial arts “Enter the Dragon (called Operation dragon)”, the film that inspired Bruce Lee for the international reputation. In honor of this milestone, Lee’s daughter Shannon Lee will unveil a new anime series titled “Lee House“, produced by Bruce Lee Entertainment and the content platform Shibuyain collaboration with its co-founder, the artist Emily Yang. “House of Lee” will be the first anime project based on Bruce Lee and is scheduled to premiere in 2024.

Bruce Lee Entertainment Teamcreative intellectual property and production property of The Bruce Lee Family Companies, He has been wanting to do an animated project based on Bruce Lee for years. Shannon Lee was ultimately inspired by personal experiences to create the story behind “House of Lee.” “Anime is a great medium to tell a truly creative story where Bruce Lee can be Bruce Lee.“, said. “I am very impressed with the possibilities of action, fantasy, history, culture and creativity in this medium.“.

“House of Lee” is an action series in which Bruce Lee fights to recruit his Dragon Warrior before the world falls into darkness and shadow. It is inspired by Bruce Lee’s famous quote: “Those who do not know that they walk in darkness will never seek the light.“.

Through a community campaign, something that Shibuya specializes in, the company and Bruce Lee Entertainment managed to produce the project independently. Lee chose Shibuya as a partner after watching their anime short film “White Rabbit“, co-created by Yang, known in the web3 space as ppl please. “I love Emily and Shibuya’s perspectiveLee said. “They are creative, hardworking and skilled artists with a great brand, I knew they would be perfect collaborators. The organic way it all came together brings a lot of scope to our potential collaboration and it was great!

Shannon Lee saw “White Rabbit” via Dennis Chang, Managing Partner of Bruce Lee, LLC. “He connected us and she told me about her project ‘House of Lee’, which is an anime about the legacy of the Lee family.Yang said. “I immediately identified with the story as it deals with spirituality, fighting inner demons, and many aspects of the AAPI experience. Because it’s such a personal story, Shannon wanted to retain control and creative ownership. At Shibuya, our mission is to help creators do just that, so I knew this was something we had to be a part of.“.

In “Enter the Dragon,” recruited by an intelligence agency, Lee, a martial arts student, participates in a brutal competition at a remote island fortress in an attempt to gather enough evidence to convict the international drug lord responsible for the murder of Lee’s sister. . In the iconic final fight-to-the-death scene, two men enter a maze of mirrors, but only one emerges. There will be an introduction by film historian Leonard Maltin, who will examine, as part of the commemorative screenings “Enter the Dragon” legacy as the first kung fu action film produced by a Hollywood studiowhose detailed fight sequences have influenced the genre to this day.

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