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Brazilian President Leonardo DiCaprio denies spreading erroneous information

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro called Leonardo DiCaprio for posting a much older photo discussing the forest fires that ravaged the Amazon rainforest in 2019.

The recession came online after DiCaprio posted a message urging Brazil to register to vote ahead of the October election.

“Brazil is where the Amazon and other critical ecosystems are in terms of climate change. What happens there is important to us all and the vote of young people is crucial to driving change towards a healthy planet,” he wrote.

It comes as environmentalists have accused Bolsonaro of allowing deforestation in Brazil to accelerate, with the president significantly undermining legal protections for the Amazon rainforest since he took office in 2019. Shortly after Bolsonaro took office in 2019, he described it as a “misunderstanding”. the rainforest of the Amazona was seen as the lung of the Earth.

Bolsonaro responded with DiCaprio, writing “Thank you for your support, Leo! It is very important that all Brazilians vote in the forthcoming elections. Our people will decide whether they want to keep our sovereignty. in the Amazon or being controlled by thieves serving foreign interests. ” Good job on the Revenant. “

He then called DiCaprio for apparently sharing incorrect information on Instagram. “By the way, the photo you posted is to talk about the Amazon forest fires in 2019 from 2003.”

In 2020, the Brazilian Senate passed the controversial “fake news” bill, which aims to break down information shared on the internet. “There are people who want to arrest Brazilian citizens who make these mistakes in our country,” Bolsonaro continued. “But I’m against this tyrannical idea. So I forgive you. Hugs from Brazil.” The photo in question cannot be viewed on a page Instagram of DiCaprio.

Already in 2019, Bolsonaro claimed that DiCaprio had funded the ongoing fires in the Amazon jungle, but provided no evidence.


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