Boku no Hero Academia manga will go on hiatus for a week

The 43rd issue of the magazine Shonen Weekly Jump ó Shueisha he did not publish the new chapter of the manga on Monday Boku no academic hero ó Kōhei Horikoshi because the author is ill. But still, Shueisha he printed the edition saying the manga would appear there. ANDthe magazine happened to be printing the issues before corrections were made.

Volume 15 compilation of the Boku no Hero Academia manga.

Before this, Horikoshi he had a week off from the magazine's 28th issue in June due to illness. The mangaka launched the superhero drama in the Shonen Weekly Jump in July 2014, and Shueisha The 15th compilation volume was released in Japan on September 4th. Book volumes collected from the 13th and 14th of the manga included original anime. Viz Media he publishes the manga digitally and in print in his magazine Shonen Weekly Jump.

Summary of Boku or Hero Academia:

One day, a boy who was only four years old realized something, “the world is not fair.” Eighty percent of the world's population have special abilities, called “quirks”, and have empowered many to make children's greatest dreams come true: to be a superhero. Unfortunately, Midoriya Izuku he is among the few born without a quirk, from which he is always distinguished.

Nevertheless, he refuses to give up his dream as a hero. Izuku He is determined to do the impossible to achieve it. The young man fixes his eye on the elite hero training academy, UA. Everything changes for Izuku after having a chance with his idol, the greatest hero, All chances. It's when he discovers that his dream is not a dead end, the boy undergoes special training, working harder than ever. Over time, this gives him the power of All chancesWith his newfound abilities, he enters his favorite academy, embarking on a grim journey to succeed the greatest hero on the planet.

The second season of the anime adaptation was first shown Crunchyroll Y. Hulu on 1 April, and FunimationNow broadcast with English dubbing. The anime will have 25 episodes.

Fountain: ANN

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