Boku no Hero Academia: Invisible Girl sets the networks on fire again

This article contains spoilers for the Boku no Hero Academia manga. Reader discretion is advised.

We’ve reached the middle of the week and that means the next issue of the magazine leaks too Weekly Shonen Jump. This also includes the next chapter of the manga Kohei Horikoshi, Academia Boku no Hero (My Hero Academy), which immediately attracted attention due to its new appearance Tooru Hagakurebetter known Invisible Girl.

Tooru is one of the Class 1-A students at the UA Academy, which is a training institute for young people with special abilities, known as “Quirks” in the world of the series. The most notable thing about her is that her Quirk, called “Invisibility”, allows her to be completely invisible, including her body and clothes. Because of this characteristic, his physical appearance remained a mystery until recently in history.

After trying to show light attacks on his body, the effect ended his visible body, finally showing his appearance to the stunned readers. In the leaks of Chapter 400 we can see that Invisible Girl appears again right after this scene, and fans immediately trended the images because she looks completely naked.

We can see that the page shows Yuga Aoyama, a Class 1-A traitor, watching Tooru’s vision appear, and she finally realizes that her appearance has been fully revealed:

Unfortunately, Twitter users did not notice this situation.who immediately launched their criticism on the fact that Invisible Girl and most of the main characters of Boku no Hero Academia are minors:

  • «She is so beautiful! This is the first time since the beginning of the manga that we have seen her fully visible!».
  • «The author’s excuse for making his quirk “glitch” is completely stupid. He just wanted an excuse to show her visibly naked, someone needs to check the distortion’s hard drive.».
  • «Hell, if you like seeing naked minors in manga keep that damn taste out of Boku no Hero Academia».
  • «I mean it made her look very beautiful, but at the same time there is no time to be angry about her nakedness, because in the end she was always exposed when she was invisible and I must say that it drew she is very good.».
  • «How awkward, what was the need to show her completely exposed?».
  • «Literally no girl in Boku no Hero Academia just shows her tits, Horikoshi is sick as always».
  • «People keep forgetting that this manga is aimed at teenage boys with high hormones, so what are thirty year olds doing reading shonen works?».
  • «I always wanted to see his visible appearance, but not like this. What is this poor excuse for fan service? Horikoshi truly stands out as one of Shonen Jump’s heaviest authors, especially for his treatment of female characters.».
  • «You are the perverts who decide to have sex with her. She has been exposed all this time and no one was worried until now».
  • «Oh no, someone just found out that a manga dedicated to teenagers shows naked girls for the aforementioned teenagers. What are old people doing reading Boku no Hero Academia and believing their opinions matter?».
  • «Horikoshi again pulling out the “no one is reading me, let’s argue” card for the umpteenth time. And the worst thing is that the fans fall into the same unpleasant ploy again».
  • «As long as it’s Izuku, Bakugo, or Todoroki exposed, Twitter doesn’t care. I’m tired of these damn white collar tweeters, they should all die».
  • «Kirishima has been shirtless the whole damn manga and Twitter never cared».
  • «Horikoshi created the “Glitcheated Quirk” concept only to show the exposed Hagakure. This man is absolutely disgusting».

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