Boiler Room London postponed due to Queen’s death

This weekend’s edition of Boiler Room London has been canceled due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II.

The day event was scheduled for this Saturday (September 17) at Burgess Park in Camberwell, South London.

However, in an official statement released earlier this week, organizers confirmed that Southwark Council has “withdrawn permission” for Boiler Room London to go ahead as planned.

Southwark Council owns the grounds of Burgess Park and therefore has the ability to cancel events for reasons of reputation as well as public safety.

“We are devastated that we cannot go ahead with September 17,” the statement continues, adding that the leaders are “searching all avenues” with the city council to try to put the event​​​​ completed.

Boiler Room London outlined the same reasons for the postponement as the now-delayed Overflo Festival, which was due to take place in Burgess Park on Sunday (September 18).

One problem is that London’s emergency services will no longer have the resources to support such events due to the Queen’s State Funeral on Monday (September 19) at Westminster Abbey.

According to the statement, Southwark Council “needs to ensure” that there are sufficient police and ambulance resources to deal with any incidents or accidents that may occur at the festival.

“Sadly, all resources are being used to support the Queen’s funeral,” the message continues.

Original London Boiler Room tickets are still valid for the new date, to be announced ‘soon’. If viewers are unable to attend the rescheduled event, they can request a refund at the point of purchase.

Following the death of Queen Elizabeth II, other events have been postponed or cancelled, such as BBC Radio 2’s Live In Leeds concert.

Cinemas across the UK will either close or offer free screenings for the Queen’s funeral on Monday. A national holiday was confirmed at the same time as the day of the ceremony.

Meanwhile, Jedward claimed to have received death threats after expressing a number of anti-monarchist comments online.

The Dublin duo said it was “inhumane” to cancel funerals and reschedule cancer treatments” which fall on the same day as the late monarch’s funeral.” written by the Jews.

Former X Factor contestants have defended anti-monarchist protesters who were arrested this week, calling for “freedom of speech.”

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