Bocchi the Rock! his co-workers seem to have bad luck

The anime Bocchi the Rock!which started airing in October of this year and is considered to be the dominant anime of the season, has been the subject of some rather strange rumours. The results of various collaborations lead to the suspicion of “collaborations that bring bad luck”.

Bocchi the Rock! It’s a series about a girl band with the phrase “If you’re a depressed character, look up!». It is the first anime from the magazine family Kirara Manga Time which becomes successful for many years, and appears more and more in magazines and in the media. In relation to the rumor in question, one could, for example, mention the entertainment magazine “purity“oh ijinsha.

On October 18, a great report was published on Bocchi the Rock! in the twelfth edition of the magazine that featured the protagonist on the cover, that is. but the magazine stopped publishing with this issue. The suspension of publication was probably arranged in advance, but the timing is unusual.

In addition, the publication at M-On Entertainment From the magazine about anime music of charge. Lisani!is also being developed in a similar way. This magazine ceased regular paper publication after the 50th issue, which was published on November 15 in Japan. Strangely enough, the focus was on this last issue Bocchi the Rock!. In the future, only very special editions of this magazine will be published on paper, and the basic format will be distributed via the Internet.

It’s a strange feeling that a magazine that has been around for over ten years, since it was launched in 2010, reaches its end with Bocchi the Rock!. Of course, the “death collaborations” of this franchise are not limited to magazines. Video game for smartphonesGame Fantasy Kirara“, featuring a great cast of characters from the Kirara Manga TimeThere is also a run with the strange luck.

The video game was launched in 2017 and has been collaborating with various magazine productions for five years Kirara Manga Time. On October 12, the characters of “Bocchi the Rock!“. However, less than a month later, on November 4, the end of the video game’s servers was announced.

The service is scheduled to continue until February 28, 2023, but the coincidence is so bad that it seems Bocchi the Rock! the title would be unlucky. Of course, comments like: «It’s like bad luck to collaborate with Bocchi» ; «this is too much fun» ; «Oh my god, collaborating with the Kessoku Band is like a public risk».

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