Bocchi the Rock! he continues his lead for the third week in a row

As we have already mentioned, an anime adaptation of it Bocchi the Rock! It has been very popular in recent weeks, and this is reflected in its position in the platform’s ranking MyAnimeListwhere he is third with a rating of 8.80 points among all leagues of the season Autumn-2022 (October-December).

But, as we have already discussed, the weekly ratings on the popular portal Anime trend They are also bringing something to talk about every week. The most recent one, including the votes made during the week of November 27 to December 4 this year, was set again. Bocchi the Rock! at the top of the chart for the third week in a row.

Bocchi the Rock!who was only 13th in the pre-season polls Autumn-2022 (October-December) of Anime trendnow the only anime so far this season that has stayed at the top for three weeks in a row, even at the top of the “Fall-2022 Anime Season“, surpassing other greats as Chain Saw Man Y Bleach: A Thousand Year Blood War.

Summary of Bocchi the Rock!

The socially anxious Hitori “Bocchi” Gotou likes to make friends and play live with a band, and spends her time playing the guitar. One fateful day, Bocchi meets the extroverted drummer Nijika Ijichi, who invites her to join the band Kessoku when her guitarist, Ikuyo Kita, runs out before their first concert. Soon after, Bocchi meets his latest musical talent, the genius bassist Ryu Yamada.

Although their first performance together is not great, the girls are strengthened by their love of music, and soon Kita reunites. Finding happiness in acting, Bocchi and her classmates pour their hearts out as musicians while making the most of their high school days.

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