Bocchi the Rock! generates rage and anger in Japan

As we have already mentioned, the popular convention Comic Market (Comiket) It is a doujinshi publishing and selling event that takes place twice a year, once in the winter and once in the summer. This weekend, which will take place from August 12 to 13, the new edition of Comiket is taking placebut a situation has occurred involving the popular franchise Bocchi the Rock!.

It turns out that Rikuta Kiyoki, better known as Kerorira, who worked as a character designer and animation director for an anime adaptation of Bocchi the Rock!, announced the release of a book called “FROG SKETCH.” The 270 page coloring book includes several corrections to the Bocchi the Rock animation! and a series of original illustrations. Little did the popular artist know that this would cause a real organizational disaster.

A large number of photos emerged on social networks showing a huge line heading towards one point: the artist Kerorira’s stand where the book Bocchi the Rock! The so-called “Kerorira Row” began to spread by dozens and then hundreds of people hoping to get a copy of the book that was only for sale inside the event facilities, so people had no problem be under the sun. scorching summer

One user even shared a photo of a map where you could see the direction the line was taking: two turns in the parking lot and the venue’s esplanade, coming out onto the road and then starting a second turn. The number of people who expected to buy the book Bocchi the Rock! it was just amazing. And no, it’s not the line to get into the convention facilities.

The precious limited edition book (unless Kerorira decides to print more) it was priced at 5,000 yen (about $35), quite fair considering the number of pages. However, due to its “limited” condition, some resellers have already appeared on Internet sales platforms and raised the price six times, to an average of 30,000 yen (over $207), benefiting Bocchi the Rock fans!

This situation is common when this amount is sent. According to reports, Kerorira limited the sale to one copy per person, so we can be sure that these people only intended to get a copy of the book and resell it for profit. Of course, if Kerorira announces that he will release more copies of this precious book, the resale business will go down the drain, but it is all in the hands of the artist.

In any case, it was clear that the story was going to attract different opinions:

  • «Kerorira jobs are quite difficult to find. Selling it is a great business opportunity».
  • «Kerorira’s story has become a trend for Comiket every year since Bocchi the Rock! on the map… You might think he should have predicted this situation, but artists can only sell a limited number of copies to avoid breaking the law, because remember he’s using intellectual property that doesn’t belong to him.».
  • «It seemed to me that the line was extremely long, but it made no sense. If you’re a regular visitor to Comiket you know that artists can’t bring many copies of an independent book. If you were all the way down you should know that you wouldn’t have a chance to get it».
  • «So is the book out of print or is it still available?».
  • «Can you imagine that Kerorira himself saved a few dozen copies to sell at a premium himself?».
  • «I think when you have common sense that you are not in line to know that you have no chance of getting the product.».

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