Blue Lock reveals trailer and key visual for Second Cour

Blue lock anime has revealed a trailer and key visual for the second course, which is set to begin on January 7th. The information was revealed after tonight’s episode, which signaled the end of the first half. Studio 8bit animated the series, which premiered in October of this year. Ash Da Hero will perform the new opening theme song “Judgement”.

Blue lock – Sophomore Trailer

The main cast ofBlue lockthe anime features Soma Saito (Hyoma Chigiri), Kazuki Ura (Yoichi Isagi), Yuki Ono (Rensuke Kunigami), and Tasuku Kaito (Meguru Bachira).

blue lock visual
Blue lock – Visual key for second course

The anime is based on a manga written by Muneyuki Kaneshiro and illustrated by Yusuke Nomura.Kodanshapublished the manga in English and described the plot as:
After a disastrous defeat at the 2018 World Cup, Team Japan is struggling to regroup. But what is missing? An absolute Ace Striker who can guide them to victory! The Football Association is determined to produce a striker who is hungry for goals and hungry for victory, and who can be the decisive tool to turn a lost game around… To do this, they have assembled 300 of the best and brightest youngsters players of Japan. Who will emerge to lead the team… and will they be able to overcome their brawn and egos against anyone who stands in their way?

source:Official Twitter
©Muneyuki Kaneshiro, Yusuke Nomura, Kodansha Production Committee/Blue Lock

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