Bloomberg criticized video games like Genshin Impact and Bayonetta for sexualizing women

The portal Bloomberg opinion became a trend in social networks for an article in which he confirmed that the video industry is currently going through “stage of sexist attitude”And a video game of it Sony instead of “give the example of change“.«The video game business has a long and troubled history of sexuality and gender stereotypes. A series of scandals by various video game companies have reminded us that the industry has a lot to do to fix its culture and ultimately repair its reputation.»The site writes.

The article in question suggested the video game »Horizon zero dawn“Ensure this title”It shows that there is a huge market for games that women do not deny“. The article describes the main character of this title, Aloy, as”a female character who does not look like a supermodel“.«Set in a distant post-apocalyptic era in time, the character, named Aloy, encounters robotic dinosaurs and aims to prevent a malicious artificial intelligence system from destroying Earth life.», Writes the writing.

Later, the article describes such characters “becoming too scarce in mainstream video games“.«As a video game fan, I think it's uncomfortable to play groundbreaking titles like Tomb Raider, Genshin Impact, or Bayonetta, all of which feature female characters in swift uniforms.. But so far, gamers are forced to watch sexist portraits of women or avoid many of the big franchises in the gaming world. Of course, many of the best – selling video games are not based on creep – inspired demonstrations, but the damsel-in-distress gender-recognized ropes and use of over-sexualized characters come all too often.»Writes the article.

Then it rushes to make sure “These types of decisions are due to the fact that not many women work in the video game industry“, In an article he wrote:«An earlier study found that women are under-represented in executive positions in the industry. It's hard to imagine that some of the worst video game design decisions would not be avoided if more female voices were involved in the process. Following its own scandal, Activision says it will improve and more women will be employed within five years».

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