Birdie Wing Season 2 Reveals Trailer and Theme Songs

Birdie Wing Season 2 revealed a trailer, along with information about the theme song. Kohmi Hirose sings the opening theme song titled “Venus Line” while Sarasa Kadowaki performs the ending theme song “Kimi ga Iru Kara”. The ending theme is included in the trailer:

Birdie Wing Season 2 – Trailer

The second season of the original TV anime was scheduled to premiere this winter, but has been pushed back to April 2023. A special screening for the first episode was held today.

Studio BN Pictures (Jintama) animated the first season of the original anime with Takayuki Inagaki as director. Kei Ajiki did the character designs. Yusuke Kuroda directed the cast of the series. BN Pictures is credited with the original work and Bandai Namco Studios with the original character designs. The same studio and staff are returning for a second season.

The main cast includes:

  • Akari Kito as Eve
  • Asami Seto as Aoi Amavashi
  • Shuichi Ikeda as Leo Milafoden
  • Toru Furuya as Reia Amuro
  • Akira Sekine as Lily Lipman
  • Ami Koshimizu as Amane Shinjo

The official website describes the plot as:
Nafres, a country in Europe. Golf prodigy Eve spends her days betting on golf for a living.
One day, she has a fateful meeting with Aoi Amavashi, the daughter of a large corporation owner and an elite golfer. They are both geniuses, but they live in completely different worlds. Eve, “Rainbow Bullet”, and Aoi, “Innocent Tyrant” both sincerely enjoy golf without being pressured. The two are attracted to each other, influenced by each other and also change each other. It’s a golf girl story where talent meets talent.

source:Official site

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