Billy Bragg responds to Oliver Anthony with “Rich Men Earning North of a Million

English singer-songwriter Billy Bragg has released a new song, inspired by Oliver Anthony’s viral single “Rich Men North Of Richmond”. Check out “Rich Men Earning North of Millions” below.

Bragg’s track is a response to the viral success of American country singer and former factory worker and farmer Oliver Anthony. Entitled “Rich Men North Of Richmond”, the song could be interpreted as a song for the working class, as Anthony sings “selling my soul” for “shitty pay” and criticizes politicians and “rich men of North Richmond” who “want. to be in full control.

The song, which raises social issues such as homelessness and the country’s mental health crisis, has garnered nearly 30 million views since it was published earlier this month. However, it has also sparked controversy, with some criticizing it for being a “right-wing song”, “offensive” and “fat-phobic”.

Now, Bragg has released his own track inspired by the internet sensation.

Introducing his track “Rich Men Earning North Of A Million”, Bragg explained that he got the idea to write the song after seeing “that video of Oliver Anthony singing his songs” and ” to feel the ghost of Woody Guthrie whispering in my ear”. ..

“Woody keeps telling me, ‘Help that guy.’ ‘Let him know there is a way to deal with these problems he’s singing about,’” she said (via Consequence). “So I sat down today and wrote this response to Mr. Anthony’s song, for people like him and people like you.”

The final product is a theme intended to address all types of “workers” and support the idea of ​​unification.

“If you’re selling your soul, working all day/ Overtime for shit pay/ Nothing’s gonna change if you wake up and wish it wasn’t true/ Join a union, bro. Get organized today,” he sings.

In other parts of his lyrics, he also talks about public health, singing: “Wouldn’t it be better for people like you and me if medicine were subsidized and free?”, as well as “libertarian billionaires” who criticism. [que] avoid paying taxes.

“It doesn’t matter if you live in the city or a small country town, the rich people who earn more than a million are trying to keep the workers in line,” he concludes. See the theme.

In other Bragg news, earlier this month the musician supported Billy Nomates online after the musician was abused online following his performance at Glastonbury.

After the artist – whose real name is Tor Maries – asked BBC6 Music to remove images of her from the internet after receiving what she described as “personal insults”, Bragg was one of the first musicians share with her support. with her after the performance.

“Solidarity from everyone at Left Field to Billy No Mates who was so abused online after his @Glastonbury set was posted on @BBC6Music that she asked them to remove it [el] clip,” he (now known as X) wrote on Twitter. “He played for us last year and was great. you will always have to [un] place here Tor”.

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