Biig Piig and Deb never share their new collaboration “Pick Up.”

Biig Piig and Deb have never shared a new collaboration – listen to ‘Pick Up’ below.

The track will appear on the upcoming mixtape ‘Bubblegum’, which arrives on January 20th. The record was launched in September with the single ‘Kerosene’.

Biig Piig – or Jess Smyth – describes ‘Pick Up’ as “wanting to run, get out of your body, or go and hit something… anything to get the feeling out.

“I love Deb and her energy – the track itself is heavy, but we had a lot of fun making a song about tracking anxiety and chaos,” she said.

Deb Never said: “I’ve been a fan of Biig Piig for a long time, so I’m really happy that we’ve created something special, especially with Mac Wetha, who is a close friend and has performed on the road. I’m happy to be a part of this song.”

Listen to “Pick Up” and see how the couple did it live recently.

Biig Piig on the new mixtape: “Gum is sweet and easy on the eyes, but it’s sticky.

“I like the innocence, but I was drawn to the texture: globose, elastic, extensible. And it also explodes. That’s how the tape felt.”

In July, Biig Piig released “Crash Course,” his collaboration track with Blu DeTiger. “Making the song in Los Angeles with Blu, Oscar Scheller and Rex Detiger was a lot of fun, everything went really well in the studio and the drums and bass line really excited me,” said the – Irish artist about the song.

“I think we tapped into this divine feminine energy, and when the lyrics and melodies came through, I imagined us speeding down the highway, GTA style, blasting the speakers.”


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