BIBI issues new statement clarifying positive Instagram live stream: “My company is not hungry”

In a new letter, South Korean singer BIBI has again denied rumors that her company Feel Ghood Music is “losing” her, which came to light after a recent Instagram live stream in which she was seen in tears.

BIBI published on Twitter yesterday (July 28) a letter in which he personally responded to speculation that arose after instant live stream on instagram In the last week. In that live stream, he broke down in tears as he talked about not being able to sleep or eat because of his busy schedule.

One day later, BIBI went out on Instagram Live again to reassure her fans and told them that his team was taking care of his physical and mental health: “I tried too hard, that’s why I was crying ridiculously. Even I said it, this is ridiculous,” he said .

Korean-American rapper and Feel Ghood Music founder Tiger JK also shared a statement on Instagram saying the agency was not “starving” the singer or pressuring her to “do things she doesn’t want to do.”

In the new letter, BIBI said it had a duty to address ongoing speculation about her company and work schedule. “It still breaks my heart to see that the comments and articles written about my company are hurting me,” she wrote in the new letter. “I want to clarify once and for all: this is not true. My company starves me or overwork me.”

BIBI revealed that she was recently trying to lose weight for a role in an upcoming movie she was working on, and that she had just filmed some music videos for her upcoming album.

She said that these activities were “my decision and my decision alone, so naturally, I was tired.” “I want to reiterate that they were not forced schedules,” he clarified.

“Feel Ghood worked really hard to bring all my great ideas and visions to life. I’m heartbroken that I made people think otherwise. I had a terrible day and I had reached my limit,” he explained. “I regret not being more specific in what I said caused a reaction of negativity and hatred towards my company.”

BIBI also said that she may have been misunderstood when she “talked about death” because she was “roughly translating a commonly used expression in Korea about being so exhausted” that she did not mean literally.

“Sometimes things get lost in translation,” because “English is not my first language,” he said. “Simply put, I’m screwed up. I take full responsibility for my actions and sincerely apologize for causing concern,” read the letter. “I especially want to apologize to Feel Ghood, whom I love as my chosen family.”

Read BIBI’s full statement below.

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