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Benedict Cumberbatch condemns a “repressed regime” that bans LGTBQ + content

Benedict Cumberbatch condemned a “repressed regime” that bans movies that feature LGBTQ + characters.

It comes when Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness was banned in Saudi Arabia, due to a 12 – second scene in which America’s new character Chavez (Xochitl Gomez) refers to her as “two mothers.”

It comes after the Eternals were banned in Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, and Qatar for the sight of same-sex kissing.

It’s hard not to be excited about it, to be honest. But I’m afraid it’s a disappointment to be expected, “Cumberbatch told PA news agency (via Metro).

We have learned from these brutal regimes that their lack of tolerance is exclusive to people who not only deserve to be included, but are celebrated for what they are, and feel part of society and culture. them and are not punished for their sexuality. “.

He went on to say that the ban “feels very out of place with everything we have suffered as a species, let alone where we are in the world as a culture,” and that the inclusion of Chavez (who is gay in the comics ) “is not symbolic.” “.

“We’ve reckoned her because of how amazing she is as a character. And (her sexuality) is just one aspect of her character. And that’s all it should be,” Cumberbatch said.

“We still have to fight, we still have to push for inclusion and equality and I’m glad that in a small way but on a very large canvas, Marvel and Disney do that.”

Elizabeth Olsen, who starred alongside Cumberbatch in Wanda Maximoff’s Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness, said: ” way. to see it. “

“We have no control over that as actors, or even as people higher than us. So it’s certainly disappointing for the fans, but I’m also proud to be part of a film that represents inclusion and diversity and which promotes. “

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness opens later this week (May 5) and is reportedly “as successful” as Spider-Man: No Way Home.


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