‘Babylon’s Fall’ had one simultaneous player on PC earlier this week

PlatinumGames live service title, babbles teipcrashed earlier this week with only one concurrent player.

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as reported VGCSteam Chart data for the title published by Square Enix shows that on May 4 at midnight The fall of Babylon it only had one concurrent player, which meant that only one person was playing the game on a computer at a time.

babbles Fall has also been released on PS4 and PS5, but there are currently no active player count data on those consoles.

The data also show that the title has averaged 62 players over the past 30 days, with a peak of 1,166 players in March, the launch month of the game. . Despite these small figures, the game’s official Twitter said in March that “there are no plans to reduce the scale of the game’s development The fall of Babylon”, And work on that topic is underway until the end of the second season and beyond.

Square Enix also released a survey on how to improve the game, asking questions about videos, how long people played, and what version of the game they bought.

Launch day (March 3) babbles The peak of the fall was 1,179 concurrent players, and Game Avengers Marvel – another direct service title from Square Enix – had more than 30,000 players on launch day on PC, and Square Enix called that game a “disappointing result”.

At the time of publication, Steam Charts illustrates this The fall of Babylon about 50 players are active, with a peak of 77 in the last seven days.

In other news, Square Enix will sell much of its western development arm to Embracer Group, including properties such as Tomb Raider and Deus Ex.

In other news, every owner of it dying Light will receive a free upgrade to the Enhanced Edition of the game.


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