Author Tejina Senpai has closed its networks and will end its new manga after less than a year

On the official Twitter account of Shonen Weekly Magazine The manga has been reportedly written and illustrated by Azú, Definitely and Nakama and Natta! (Saint Joined My Party!), will end in two chapters. That work will then end this month, less than a year after the series began, which began in March 2021. The summary writes:

«Suou Amadera high school student has turned into a brainiac and left the real world. Why waste time and money on real friends when you can surf the web all day, every day? But suddenly a mysterious girl is seen who, with her holy patience, shows Suou that friends in real life may not be so bad after all…»Due to the speed with which the play ends, fans believe that it is, in fact, being canceled.

It is worth remembering that Azu is also the author of the popular manga Tejina Senpai (Magic Sempai), which inspired an anime adaptation in the Summer-2019 season. In addition, the author deleted his official Twitter account (It was the user @ Azu401 and now someone else has taken it) and also destroyed his personal blog, which left his fans even more confused.

Comments like the following can be read on comment forums in Japan.

  • «I'm worried about Azu-sensei because of the sudden end of the series. If he's not just focused on his family, that's okay, I hope he's safe.».
  • «Suddenly gone everywhere, I feel worried».
  • «It worries me when a Twitter account suddenly disappears».
  • «Oh no, memories of what happened to the author Oshiete! Galko-chan …».
  • «His number of posts on Twitter has dropped since he complained about reselling his signature sleeves. Will there be any correlation?“Refer to This article.
  • «I do not understand whether it is being canceled or ending as scheduled. Still I can't help but am sad about it».

Summary of Tejina Senpai

Starting his new term at Tanenashi Academy, a freshman without motivation seeks a club that requires minimal participation to meet his needs. Then he comes across the Magic Club classroom, and inside is a cute senior student practicing his magic tricks. Suffering from stage fears that cause him to fail in his actions, he usually succeeds in the most embarrassing situations. Despite his lack of interest in a club run by an incapacitated magician, the newcomer joins him as a new member, experiencing all sorts of difficult moments with his eccentric mentor.

Fountain: Otakomu

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