Author of Sono Bisque Doll wrote manga ‘from the north’

Fukuda Shinichi The author is the popular manga Sono Bisque Doll wa Koi wo Suru (Game My Dress Up Jews), which came to light with its anime adaptation that aired earlier this year, became the banner of the best of its season and, probably, of the entire year when it comes to romantic comedies. But this is not the author’s first attempt within the industry.

It turns out that Fukuda had already published a strange Manga between January 2012 and September 2016a little less than two years before the start of publication of the Manga Marin Kitagawa in January 2018. This manga is titled Momoiro Meloik (Peach colored) and the summary writes:

  • Yamato loves his little sister, Masaki. His sister is the prettiest and sweetest girl in the world, and he won’t settle for second best to her. Unfortunately, everyday life and the rest of the world interfere with his idyllic plans, and he discovers that it is not as simple as he imagines. Join Yamato and Masaki as they fight against the problems of normal family life.

That’s right, it’s exactly what you think: It’s a northern manga about a brother in love with his little sister! The story is complete, of course, with a total of 102 chapters (although the ending doesn’t seem quite happy), so that the reader would be interested in seeing what kind of endings the author gives to his works. Leaving everything aside, writing a manga about coil cutting, even if there are many ecchi scenes, as the author has already accustomed us, is still a better precedent than writing h3ntai directly, or on less than most people think.

Sono Bisque Doll on Koi wo Suru Summary

Wakana Gojou is involved in the family’s traditional doll-making business, and is a reserved first-year student with no friends. With the painful memory of a childhood friend’s indifference to his interest, Gojou can’t relate to his classmates and hobbies, leading to isolation. Gojou hasn’t finished making the dolls’ faces yet, but he’s very skilled at making their clothes. Her skill with the sewing machine is soon discovered by her beautiful partner Marin Kitagawa, whose boldness and honesty Gojou admires and envies. He immediately shares his own hobbies with Gojou: he likes to dress up as erotic video game characters.

However, Kitagawa does not know how to sew her own suit, leading her to seek Gojou’s expertise. Drawn into the girl’s wonderful cosplay adventures, Kitagawa becomes her first friend who fully accepts her. So, although they are polar opposites, their relationship slowly blossoms due to their ability to help each other in the complex world of cosplay.

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