Author Mushoku Tensei commented on the influence of fighting games on his work

In a recent interview with AnimeNewsNetwork, the author Rifujin and Magonote he commented on some interesting aspects of his experience writing light novels Mushoku Tensei: Reincarnation Jobless (Mushoku Tensei: Isekai Ittara Honki Dasu), as well as the inspiration he received from his time as a fighting video game player.

When asked how his understanding of the original work has changed now that it is being adapted to anime, the author replied: «My understanding of the original work has not changed because anime and novel are different things. What do you think? As wonderful and polished as soul, it does not do the original work better. On the other hand, if the anime were so bad that it made you want to look out, it would do nothing worse for the original work.».

He was also asked if he was uncomfortable at any time with the way he wrote a character Rudeus Greyrat in the first stages and volumes of the work, to which the author replied: «I think the balance was right. As a controversial character, his mountain of regrets makes the act of rebuilding life more meaningful.. Of course, I have no problem criticizing Rudeus at first, and it's up to you to decide if you do not want to see it. That said, if there's someone like Rudeus near you and that person has a slight change of mind and tries to start again, I sincerely hope you do not abandon them on the spot.».

He also commented on the use of sexuality in the play: «In Japanese creative works, there are two contradictory approaches to portraying sexual life: As “sacred” or as “pleasure.” I guess I was inspired because I thought the notion that reproductive activity is natural to organisms was not sufficiently represented. I believe that, among the instincts of survival, the urge to reproduce is the strongest, even when placed next to the urge to eat it. Most living things generally survive because of the natural desire to leave offspring. That is inevitably linked to sexual activity. Essentially, being a living creature is a natural and important element.».

He continued: «Because it is an important part of an organism's life, it is not wrong to call it holy. It is also true, however, that sex is associated with pleasure. It could also be said that it is natural for people to treat sex as a pleasure while the pleasure is intertwined with the act. With this in mind, while representing the world of Mushoku Tensei, I called for a middle ground between “sacred” and “pleasure.” That is the feeling I was looking for. By the way, while writing the opening act of the story, I put a lot of emphasis on Rudeus' perspective on sex as a pleasure. It’s natural because he had no experience in his previous life, so the pleasure aspect was the only one he came in contact with. As a result, there may be many people who feel strongly on the pleasant side. But that should come as no surprise: it is not something sacred to all eyes.».

He also commented on a little-known fact about his career, which consists of the fighting influence of video games within his artistic vision, to which the author replied: «I started playing fighting video games when I was about 18 years old. At the time, I was not very good at dealing with people. In a fighting video game, you compete against others, so by playing fighting games in an arcade, I started interacting with people without even knowing their real names. Most of them were older than me; Thanks to them I learned to communicate and to have good manners. But they did not give me verbal advice, how to do this or that. He tried to imitate the behavior of the people he considered to be good and avoided being like the people he considered bad or caused problems … Basically all the sensible things that everyone learns from somewhere came to me in an arcade when I was in my 20s. Fighting games were basically the ones that taught me the bare minimum».

He continued: «As for how they influenced my writing, in addition to what I pointed out above, there is something else. I set myself up to fight video games in my own way, but when I reached a certain stage, I started to think, “I've reached my limit.” To put it another way, I thought, “I'm done.” As for competitive standards in Japan, I was firmly in the middle of the pack, but in my local area I was the strongest. But I also knew that it was not really true that it was impossible for me to get stronger. For example, I could leave my city and challenge people stronger than me. Despite knowing it, I did not want to see frustration and difficulties, so I ran away from him. While there was the truth, I wanted to be stronger. It was that feeling of regret that supported me when I was writing Mushoku Tensei. When I was having a very hard time writing, I thought, “If I bring here, I will be as I was then.” It was what allowed me to tease myself. As a result, I was able to write the web version of Mushoku Tensei to the end. If I did not have that experience of fighting video games, I would be happy at a much earlier stage, and when it became difficult I would be separated from writing. Needless to say, I don’t think I would have reached # 1 in the rankings, and I wouldn’t have gotten anime either.».

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