Author Mieruko-chan is seeking verification on Twitter

Users who spend the most time on Twitter have a common dream: to get verification, which is simply a Twitter account assigning a blue badge in the name, indicating that it is in the public interest. The manga seems to be the author Mieruko-chan, Tomoki izumi, one of these people, as he recently posted an update revealing that he has been denied verification.

«Someone tells me how to meet the notoriety criteria!“The author wrote along with a picture with the message from Twitter rejecting the request, writing:”We have confirmed your request to verify your Twitter account. Because the evidence submitted does not meet significant Twitter criteria, this account will not be verified at this time. As a result, we were unable to clearly identify the account associated with the application as a celebrity, organization or brand.».

Verification is currently assigned to any user who confirms that they are a personality in social networks or that they are at least involved with a welfare company (even Virtual YouTubers get it). In this case, the author can declare in his application that he is related to the conglomerate Kadokawa (the manga is published on the ComicWalker service, which belongs to this publisher), which may be proof of reputation. Apparently, you have already applied for that suggestion, will it give you the verification?

The anime adaptation of Mieruko-chan broadcast during the Fall-2021 season (October-December) and had a total of twelve episodes, with the platform Funimation It handles its distribution in the West. Izumi started publishing the manga through the magazine ComicWalker from the publisher Kadokawa in November 2018. The publisher published the fifth compilation volume on March 22, followed by the sixth on October 22 in Japan.

Summary of Mieruko-chan

Miko Yotsuya's eyes watering as she settles on one spot on her phone, ignoring another horrible monster in front of her, commenting on the horrible words: “Do you see me?” So far, Miko has enjoyed her relentless high school days, which late night horror shows only worked as a form of entertainment. But from one fateful day, she is the only one who knows about the invisible monsters that roam freely among humans.

Bravely, Miko makes a bold decision: she will not, under any circumstances, acknowledge the presence of the Celtic observers. However, even though she pretends not to be there, she can see how they anger the people around her, especially her best friend, the energetic and charming Hana Yurikawa. To protect them from the torment of the monsters, Miko strives to continue her school life and avoid all troublesome crises, even when they frighten her into tears.

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